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Georgetown Hoyas Player Profiles: David Allen

Georgetown's rich tradition of walk-ons continues.

Ladies and Gentlemen, David Allen
Ladies and Gentlemen, David Allen
Chris McGathey, Park Cities People

Our award-winning player profile series continues with the newest in Georgetown's rich tradition of walk-ons, freshman guard David Allen.

In the era of hour-long, webstreamed, R. Kelly-soundtracked college announcements, seemingly nothing is unknown about each future college baller. So it was a pleasant revelation this summer when rumors of a Georgetown freshman walk-on made their way across the Internets. Sure the last few walk-ons have been more curiosities than meaningful contributors, but during the offseason, a curiosity borders on headline news. Eventually, it was revealed that the rumor was true, and that the walk-on was a guard named David Allen.

A Look Back:
Allen hails from Highland Park, Texas, where he reportedly averaged more than 23 points per game his senior year en route to winning the district's most valuable player award. The available video (strangely, there's more of Allen than of his new teammate, Brandon Bolden) suggests that he has a sweet stroke from deep and isn't afraid to attack the rim. The same video also suggests that a high-level intramural league at Yates might have provided stiffer competition than the stiffs Allen was schooling. But you don't pour in 30-plus like Allen did here by accident:

The successes of Allen's senior season were blemished by his drunken driving arrest in March. He didn't play in his team's playoffs, and seemed contrite after the incident. It apparently didn't affect his admission to Georgetown or his status with the team. Over the summer, he played in Kenner League, where he reportedly wasn't in the least bit bashful and even notched double figures in three different games.

Outlook for 2012-13:
Even with the flashes of scoring, Allen won't play meaningful minutes this season, or in all likelihood for the bulk of his career. Markel Starks will have the reins as the starting point guard this year, with Jabril Trawick and D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera likely splitting the remaining time as the primary ball-handler. Allen may take off his warm-ups against Longwood and Western Carolina, and may even replace sage veteran walk-on John Caprio as a fan favorite, both because his appearance means the Hoyas will be up by double figures, but also because he'll be quick to honor the faithful's demand that he "shooooooooooooooottttt." Still, his most likely effect on any particular contest will be to help Georgetown cover a large-ish spread.

Best Case Scenario:
In practice, Allen's Rudy-like tenacity drives his teammates to Rocky III-level greatness rather than Jamie O'Hare-like petulance. Georgetown wins every game by 20 or more, meaning Allen gets to show off his shooting range in every game between November and the national championship. Allen becomes not just the human victory cigar but an inevitability, a memento of the Hoyas' historic undefeated season.

Worst Case Scenario:
Georgetown fails to cover any of its contests as Hoya fans across the globe go broke and Allen languishes on the bench, eventually morphing into just another student manager.