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Update: Johnathan Williams III Chooses Missouri Over Georgetown, Michigan State, Tennessee (oh, and also George Mason!)


Johnathan Williams III, a Class of 2013 a 6'8" forward from Memphis, announced his decision this evening in what was one of the most ridiculous announcement "shows" ever. After an endless slideshow to the tune of R. Kelly's "World's Greatest", a moving speech by his Aunt Lynn and a sermon by some guy in a blue shirt, "JW3" (ranked ranked #47th by Rivals #31 by Scout and #35 by ESPN) put on a Missouri hat while leaving hats for Georgetown, Michigan State, Tennessee and George Mason left on the table to high five themselves for dodging a bullet. Go straight to the comments section below for a live blog of the event that poor JW3 may never live down...


"Williams is a rare combination of length and skill that reminds many of a young Lamar Odom. At 6'7 and left-handed, Williams possesses a tremendous handle and feel for the game. Like Odom, Williams could be considered a point forward that can initiate offense or take the ball off the glass and lead the break. His energy and constant activity on both ends of the floor is a thing of beauty. He is more than capable of breaking down his defender in a one-on-one situation to create a shot for himself. Once he has his defender on his heals he has a nice step-back jump shot from behind the arc. Williams is a competitor who handles adversity well and keeps his cool in games."