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Georgetown 30th In Preseason Power Rankings

We made a list!

Jamie Sabau - Getty Images

You know it's getting close to college basketball season when Luke Winn and his band of Magical Calculators start putting out the weekly top 16 in college hoops in his power rankings column. Today was the first opus of the season and Winn has the Hoyas in "The Next 16" list at number 30.

The Next 16: 17. UCLA* (In purgatory until Shabazz Muhammad is cleared; when that happens, the Bruins are top 10.), 18. Baylor, 19. Gonzaga, 20. Memphis, 21. VCU, 22. UNLV, 23. Creighton, 24. San Diego State, 25. Pittsburgh, 26. Minnesota, 27. Tennessee, 28. Texas, 29. West Virginia, 30. Georgetown, 31. Ohio, 32. Murray State

Of the top 32 schools ranked in that list, Georgetown will play eight (and potentially nine) of them.

Oh, and for those just tuning in after an offseason hibernation, Midnight Madness is TOMORROW.

I hope you enjoyed your nap.