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Panic Setting In: Georgetown Drops 2nd Straight Game, Loses 68-64 To Cincinnati

That was not a good loss. That was not an acceptable loss. That was a pathetic loss. Losing to West Virginia on the road is one thing, but losing to a mediocre Cincinnati team at home? That just sucks. Georgetown lost 68-64 to the Bearcats in easily the worst performance by both the players and coaching staff this season. Hollis Thompson and Jason Clark missed two shots all night combined, yet they only took THIRTEEN. The junior and senior each had 14 points, but it wasn't enough tonight.

Otto Porter had another challenging game, committing careless turnovers that we did not expect from the stellar freshman. Greg Whittington got torched by Cincinnati's Sean Kilpatrick, who led the Bearcats with a cool 27 points. In addition, Dion Dixon had a smooth 22 points. Yes, two guys on Cincinnati scored 49 of their 68 points.

I may cry, after The Jump.

The Hoyas were again careless with the ball, turning it over 17 times, including 3 out of 4 crucial possessions with less than 3 minutes left. In a year that he has been spectacular, John Thompson III got his pants coached off him by Mick Cronin tonight. Cincinnati had two guys that were hot, Georgetown had two guys that were hot. Cincinnati figured out how to stop Georgetown's guys, and the Hoyas weren't able to return the favor. Yet, that is too simple an explanation. There were a ton of headscratching decisions tonight. JT3 refusing to use Jabril Trawick on Kilpatrick is completely and utterly puzzling. JT3 sitting Markel Starks late in the second half, when it seemed like every Hoya possession ended in a turnover, is just astounding. I really hope that Trawick was sick or something, because if not, that personnel decision is absolutely indefensible.

The poor finish to this game overshadowed the best performance by Nate Lubick this year. Of course, Lubick was also sitting at the end of the game, even though he was by far our most active and engaged player throughout. Half way through the season, it is nice to see Lubick regaining his mojo, we are definitely going to need big minutes from him going forward.

I thought I had this team figured out. Our problems, before tonight, were ball security and guarding aggressive fours. But after tonight's performance, one that was eerily reminiscent of the last three years, I don't know what to think. Can we guard the perimeter? Can JT3 adjust? Will he stop playing favorites? Will we have poise at the end of games? Can we inbound the freaking basketball?

Obviously, tonight is just one game, we are still 3-2 in the Big East with a bunch of winnable games ahead, and it is still January. But, holy hell, tonight's game was EXTREMELY winnable. Lose games like the Kansas and West Virginia games, where we competed as hard as we could, took the other team's best shot, and came out on the wrong side. But to lose a game at home while shooting almost 60% from the field? Give me a damn break.

This year's Big East conference is built on parity, and we stand out from the pack because of our depth and flexibility. Tonight JT3 put a noose on that flexibility, relying on Porter and Whittington for way too long, and getting outcoached by some dude named Mick. Cincinnati has a three game winning streak against us. The same Cincinnati team that got absolutely waxed by Xavier in everything but the end-of-game brawl. There is no excuse for an effort like that, and the blame tonight is focused on the coaching staff. We have an excellent team this year, so let's try to avoid getting outscored 16-6 by a vastly inferior team to end another game this season.

End of rant, St. John's is next.