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Morgantown Melee: #9 Georgetown Hoyas (13-1, 3-0) at West Virginia Mountaineers (11-4, 2-1)

Georgetown Hoyas West Virginia Mountaineers
Georgetown vs.


#9 (13-1, 3-0); RPI: 7 NR (11-4, 2-1); RPI: 21
Date: January 7, 2011
Location: Morgantown, WV
Time: 12:00 p.m ET
Arena: WVU Colesium
TV: MASN Spread: West Virginia -2
Radio: ESPN980 Over/Under: 131.5
Online: SBN Affiliate: The Smoking Musket
Game Watch: Buffalo Billiards - 1330 19th St. NW

(Perspectives After The Jump)

View from the Student Section - A Perspective from Campus:

About to head to Morgantown early in the AM for this one. Not good memories of my last trip, in which Awesome Freeman didn't play. If WVU fans want to throw quarters at me I'll be in Section XX, just make sure not to hit my friends (ask specifically which one is me and then throw). I'm not as nervous as everyone else about this game, but WVU does bring a lot of rebounding to the table, and Georgetown can ill afford to come out like they did vs. Marquette aka. not playing any semblance of defense. That being said, I look forward to seeing the landmarks on the way there, such as Negro Mountain and the Noah's Ark replica they were building last time I was there (may be used as a getaway vehicle this time). Can't forget Chick-Fil-A and it's SATURDAY SO THEY'RE OPEN. WINNING. DELUSION TRAIN IS FLYING THROUGH THE SKY, WITH REINDEER. OH HO HO HO HO HO HO HOYA SAXA.

View from the Court Side Seats - A Perspective from OldHoya:

Let's cut to the chase- West Virginia is leaving the Big East and chasing football money that's about to dry up. Like most Georgetown fans, OldHoya isn't going to cry over their loss but isn't going to miss their fans occupying the Phone Booth.

During the Iverson and Jahidi era, OldHoya made his one and only overnight roadtrip to Morgantown. Truly not a terrible place and there were plenty of bars so that was a real plus. This was an early season game in 1995-96 and the Hoyas ended up winning and Jahidi absolutely dominated, with 5 or so monster dunks. After the game, the WVU fans couldn't have been more generous and OldHoya and the fans spent the night drinking beers. When they come to Verizon, however, it's like they collectively lose their minds, yelling, screaming, and swearing through the game.

So, OldHoya is torn. The series has had some really good games and there's a decent rivalry between the fans but this is no great loss. Hopefully thinks work out well for them in the reformed Big 8 or 10 or 12 or whatever but they're kidding themselves if they think the football gravy train is about to make a stop in Morgantown.

OldHoya is venturing out in public to watch this game and hears that the Mason Inn (formerly Gin and Tonic) is doing a nice job up on Wisconsin.

View from the Enemy- A Perspective from our Sleeping With The Enemy Interview:

If the freshman can keep their composure and KJ and Truck can be their usual recent selves, it could come down to free throws, which still leans Georgetown, but I think the final will be around 74-70 and a toss up. If the same team shows up that played against Seton Hall last Friday....Hoyas will run away with it.

JahidiLikesPie Nervous Level:


OK - Let me get this out of the way - I am nervous as hell about this game (OH CRAP! Level). Playing in that weird dump of a gym is the closest this team will be to what they experience against Bayi. At least when the team goes up to Orange Canadia, they don't have to fear for their safety. From a game play perspective, the big yellow track suit has kind of owned III since he came into the league. They will try to do the same thing that The Golden Somethings did to us in the 1st half on Wednesday.I really want this game. I can't stand their fans. Every time we host them, the VC feels like a goddamn hybrid tractor pull/flea market is happening on our home floor. When you finally endure the "Let's GOOO..." chants and get inside, these idiots are everywhere and they vocal. They always find a way to annoy the living shit out of me, win or lose. They are the worst. I am certain that they will be fired up in Morgantown on Saturday at noon. They will have lined their pockets with all of the batteries and empty half-pint bottles as they can fit. I would love nothing more than to run off the floor at around 2 PM and ruin their stupid rendition of that STUPID John Denver song.
I am hyperventalating now...I am going to the gym...

View from the Sportsbook (via DonBest) - A Perspective from Vegas:

The Line: West Virginia -2. Over/under 131.5.
Jason Clark's failure to convert on those two free throws with less than a second left at the end of the Marquette game still hurts, as the only thing sweeter than Georgetown's win would have been that miracle cover. Vegas clearly thinks the Hoyas are due for a letdown, and while normally I would agree, there's just something about this team that is causing me to go the other way. If the Hoyas can keep Kevin Jones out of the paint and get out to an early lead with a heavy dose of Sims early, this WVU team might collapse like it did in a blowout loss to Seton Hall. Also, I cried during War Horse.

The pick is Georgetown +2. Final score Hoyas 73 - Brokeback Mountaineers 65.

Casual Hoya is 8-6 ATS this season.
Last season: 18-14 ATS.
Overall: 48-28 ATS. Where Your Money Stays And Plays.