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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Mountaineers of West Virginia

The Big East schedule is brutal, and though the Hoyas undoubtedly celebrated the epic comeback against Marquette on Wednesday night, today Georgetown heads to Morgantown for an afternoon delight against West Virginia on Saturday. As usual we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON are bringing you everything you need to know about our next opponent, and special thanks to our still drunk after a triumphant victory in the Orange Bowl friends at The Smoking Musket, the hottest source for all things West Virginia on the world wide web, for providing answers to our hard-hitting questions. Smoking Musket, this Coors Light is for you. When you're done reading this, head on over there to check out our answers to their questions.


See you on Saturday, ladies. via

Georgetown hasn't defeated West Virginia since 2007-2008. Why do you think that is?

It's no coincidence that was Bob Huggins' first season back at his alma mater. I think a large part of that is the Huggins factor. He is extremely intelligent and an underrated X's and O's guy. He didn't win 700 games on talent levels alone. He knows basketball and can coach it. Having guys that bought in to his system certainly helped too.

More fun with West Virginia after The Jump:

Looking at West Virginia's season thus far, I am mighty impressed with the efforts against Baylor and Kansas State, but baffled by the Seton Hall and Kent State results. Do you think the up and down efforts will continue throughout the season or is this just a team working out the kinks in the early season?

With a team as young as this WVU team is, I'm afraid the ups and downs will continue. Only 3 guys returned with any real experience and the new guys are still learning. The K State and Baylor games are definite signs that the future is's just a matter of when everybody fully understands what they are supposed to do and what they are capable of. Huggins's frequent criticism of his young players is that they try to do things that they can't. They don't realize their limitations and try to do too much, which puts the rest of the team out of position.

Who are this year's best scorers and rebounders? Any particular freshmen you are excited about?

As of this morning, Kevin Jones is the leader in both categories, not only for WVU, but the Big East as a whole. This is despite the last two games being not so great in his scoring line (at least compared to earlier efforts this season). Truck has picked up his scoring of late, going for a career best against Villanova. He seems to have benefited from a move to the 2 spot from the point a bit.

As far as the freshman, both of the young point guards (Hinds and Browne) have shown flashes of absolute brilliance, which is just unrealized potential at this point. Aaron Brown has also shown an adept scoring touch of late as well.

What is the best case scenario for this year's team? Worst case?

Best case, I think, is just over .500 in the league with an NCAA appearance, advancing to the second round. This team is young and still learning, and if they can continue to improve through the rigors of the Big East, they have the ability to play with just about any team in league and can upset a few.

Worst case...the Big East grinder eats up the young team and spits them out with only 4-6 wins and struggling to make even the NIT.

Who do you think the top 4 teams in the Big East will be this year when all is said and done?

Syracuse looks awesome so far. UConn hasn't exactly looked bad. Louisville and then possibly a tie with Georgetown and Cincinnati. I'll admit I have a hard time following much in the way of basketball with football games still ongoing, so that's really just a best guess.

Why you leaving us for the Big 12, bro?

Despite our basketball history, WVU is a football school through and through and football pays the bills. There is just no excitement around the Big East schedule of conference games and even with Kansas and Iowa State on the slate, rotating home games with Oklahoma and Texas every year, along with Oklahoma St. and TCU...people will show up in droves, even if WVU struggles a bit. This, along with likely better TV money made it the best opportunity for WVU in the long run (assuming Texas and Oklahoma don't bolt in 6 years).

Let's say The Smoking Musket got the opportunity to start its own university. Who is your first choice of the Big East coaches to run your basketball program? Who is the last choice?

Wow, this is like picking the creamiest of the cream. If I can't have Huggs, I'd probably go with Calhoun or Boeheim. I'll stick with the 700+ club.

Last choice? Probably Stan Heath.

How much longer do you see Bob Huggins at the helm at West Virginia? Who are you hoping to be his successor?

I'm guessing 7-10 years, hopefully longer...but who knows. He isn't exactly a model of health. I've never really thought about a possible successor until I saw this question. His former assistants Martin and Cronin have done well in his stead since he left those two jobs. So, if we're going with assistants, I'd probably say Larry Harrison among the current staff. He's the one Huggs seems to trust the most.

Outside of West Virginia, which is your favorite Big East team? Which is your least favorite?

Favorite: DePaul - they have the best student section who are creative in their misery (which is why I like the Iowa State guys in the Big XII too)

Least: Pitt - no love lost there whatsoever, they are our version of your Syracuse. Fair enough?

As it stands now, West Virginia will be a middle of the road football team in the Big 12 and a top performer in basketball. Do you think it was a good move?

Yeah, football is bound to struggle at times but I also think things could get better very quickly and even surprise a few right off the bat. Long term stability was the goal, and even with the Big 12 being dysfunctional, it's more stable on the football side than what Marinatto is putting together and again...more attractive home schedules.

It's your last meal in Morgantown. Where are you going and what are you ordering?

Kegler's Sports Bar and Lounge- 12 hot wings (usually the contest winners in town every year) and a BBQ bacon burger with fries and whatever good dark beer is on tap at the time or Oliverio's Ristorante on the Waterfront for calimari to start and chicken parm with a nice Chianti.

(Casual note: That Oliviero's website has pleasant music and I'd eat the fuck out of that chicken parm and also enjoy a nice Chianti.)

Is Truck Bryant ever going to graduate? It feels like he has been at West Virginia for the better part of a decade.

Funny thing is, he and Kevin Jones came in together and it doesn't quite feel the same. Does it? Maybe it's the point guard factor.

How do you see this game playing out? What is the final score?

If the freshman can keep their composure and KJ and Truck can be their usual recent selves, it could come down to free throws, which still leans Georgetown, but I think the final will be around 74-70 and a toss up. If the same team shows up that played against Seton Hall last Friday....Hoyas will run away with it.