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Nate Lubick v. Otto Porter: Who Should Start for Georgetown?

Georgetown's poor performance against Pitt brought out a lot of negativity from the cynical yet delusional Hoya fanbase, a fanbase which has seemingly been spoiled by the team's strong start and nationally ranked powerhouse status. A lot of the vitriol has been aimed at sophomore forward Nate Lubick, whose poor play of late has been a lightning rod for those who believe that replacing him in the starting lineup with freshman sensation Otto Porter gives the Hoyas a better chance to win. Since I know for a fact that JT3 listens to the suggestions put forward by THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON and its Casualties, before we get to UConn tomorrow let's take today to ponder the question further.

Nate v. Otto after The Jump:

The Numbers:

Nate Lubick:
19.5 mins, 3.7 points, 4,5 rebs, 2.1 assists, .5 steals, .5 blocks, 1 turnover 46% FG, 48% FT, 14% from three.

Otto Porter:
28.2 mins, 8.5 points, 6.9 rebs, 1.5 assists, 1.3 steals, .9 blocks, 1.2 turnovers, 50% FG, 65% FT, 20% from three.

Georgetown Should Stick with Nate Lubick:

Effect on Hollis Thompson:
Hollis is a sharpshooter and needs looks from the outside to be effective. Starting Otto will push Hollis to the 4, and while he is certainly more aggressive than in the paint than last year, it still is not the best use of him.

Limits Lineup Options:
Otto coming in at the 16 minute mark allows JT3 to give Nate or Henry a quick rest, and take advantage of the opposition doing the same with their bigs. Counter argument, of course, is by that time, Georgetown is already down a dozen.

How Bad is Nate, Really?
We have seen his potential. He was outstanding against DePaul and held his own in the Cincy loss. What will moving to the bench do to his confidence? Now before some of you get your panties in a bunch, let me clarify. I don't mean his personal confidence, as in whether or not he will need a blanky to sleep. I mean his confidence with the ball, when in games. Nate, like it or not, is a critical part of this Georgetown team. We need him to grab offensive rebounds and feed our guards on backcuts. Benching him won't help Nate feel anymore comfortable with the ball. He needs in-game experience.

Georgetown Needs to Make the Switch to Otto Porter:

Slow Starts:
Georgetown has been awful at opening games against quality opponents. This team is deep enough with Porter starting to bring energy off the bench, like Greg Whittington or Mikael Hopkins -- it no longer makes sense to play essentially down one man on offense.

Porter hitting two threes on Saturday against Pitt makes this point even stronger. Nate has been looking timid on the court -- except when jacking up his one open three per game. Teams don't have to respect him and can clog the middle, which disrupts Henry Sims' ability to be effective down low. Porter's heroics against Rutgers tell a similar story -- he can score almost anywhere on the court and that opens up things for teammates whereas Nate isn't. Nate is a banger -- let him channel that energy into short stints off bench.

Otto is prone to getting pushed around by longer defenders, but his reach and anticipation make up for a lot of that while Nate looks plain lost too often. UConn and Syracuse will not be any kinder to Nate than Pitt, which means this move needs to be made now before the season takes a turn for the worse.

What say you, Hoyas fans?