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Casual Investigation: How Many Games Will Georgetown Win? In Haiku!

Welcome back to another edition of the award winning, hard hitting, Earth shaking, love making, Viagra taking Casual Investigation series! Today, we're scraping the bottom of the filler barrel to answer a question that many of you have been wondering: How many wins is Georgetown going to have this season? And as an added bonus, we're doing it in HAIKU!


That's right everyone, after The Jump join us as we take you through each and every remaining game on the Hoyas schedule, and predict the HAIKU!

Predictions IN HAIKU after The Jump:

Saturday, January 28th @ Pitt:
This game is scary
Pitt is new Boston College
Pitt students ugly

Result: WIN. Hoyas 74 - Pitt 67.

Record: (17-3, 7-2)

Wednesday, February 1st v. UConn:
Champs at Verizon
Jim Calhoun is a cheater
Drummond ain't got shit

Result: WIN. Hoyas 72 - UConn 69.
Record: (18-3, 8-2)

Saturday, February 4th v. USF:
Bulls are playing well
Then again so is Georgetown
We should win at home

Result: WIN. Hoyas 67 - Bulls 62
Record: (19-3, 9-2)

Wednesday, February 8th @ Syracuse:
Oof oof oof oof oof
Oof oof oof oof oof oof oof
Oof oof oof oof oof

Result: LOSS. Cuse 78 - Hoyas 67
Record: (19-4, 9-3)

Sunday, February 12th v. St. John's:
Johnnies in trouble
Athletic but don't play smart
Should be named Redmen

Result: WIN. Hoyas 77 - Johnnies 63.
Record: (20-4, 10-3)

Saturday, February 18th @ Providence:
Great class for next year
But not so true of this year
Win for season sweep

Result: WIN. Hoyas 72 - Friars 58.
Record: (21-4, 11-3)

Tuesday, February 21th @ Seton Hall:
Have to lose one soon
Can't let delusion take hold
We lose, so shoot me

Result: LOSS. Pirates 65 - Georgetown 63.
Record: (21-5, 11-4)

Saturday, February 25th v. Villanova:
Winter alum day
Huge blog extravaganza
Win in the gray out

Result: WIN. Georgetown 83 - Villanova 65.
Record: (22-5, 12-4)

Monday, February 27th v. Notre Dame:
ND always tough
So many ugly white dudes
We will overcome

Result: WIN. Georgetown 78 - Notre Dame 72.
Record: (23-5, 13-4)

Saturday, March 3rd @ Marquette:
Sold out game up there
Senior day for top two guys
Will suck to be them

Result: WIN. Georgetown 71 - Marquette 67.
Record: (24-5, 14-4)

So there you have it
24 wins overall
3 seed in the Dance

I hereby declare this Casual Investigation CONCLUDED.

Saturday cannot come soon enough.