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Kyle Anderson Set To Visit Georgetown Today

At the time of this writing, Kyle Anderson is about three hours away from making landfall at Georgetown University. After a whirlwind recruiting adventure that has taken the New Jersey native to the West Coast (UCLA) and the East Coast (Seton Hall), Georgetown now gets its final chance to host Anderson and convince him that playing basketball for John Thompson III and the Hoyas is the best decision he can make. Anderson, who has already taken two previous unofficial visits to campus, still has a visit to St. John's set for tomorrow and then to Florida on September 16th before announcing his final decision on September 20th.

In case you missed it last week, here's why Kyle Anderson absolutely must choose Georgetown, and his style of play that has New York recruiting experts gushing seems to be a perfect fit for Georgetown:

"The way they [Georgetown] play, I think he would fit in well offensively," he said. "They don't pressure as much as John Thompson Jr. used to pressure. The more you extend the court, the more it might help him defensively because he anticipates well. He plays better defense in passing lanes off the ball than he does guarding the ball.