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Kyle Anderson Watch Heats Up: Has He Already Chosen UCLA?

With just five days remaining until Kyle Anderson will announce his college decision, speculation is running rampant today that he may have already decided to attend UCLA.  Though twitter is the bastion of all evil and nothing coming from it can be trusted, the below was tweeted last night from someone who apparently has some inside knowledge of Anderson's decision.

    Ka_twitter_ucla_medium .

According to the Seton Hall blog South Orange Juice, which has done a good job tracking this Anderson carousel, Rick Apodaca is a professional basketball journeyman who is a close family friend of the Andersons and like Anderson is from North Bergen, NJ.  At the end of the day this tweet, like all of the other rumors that have been generated during this Anderson recruitment, may turn out to be false, but nonetheless it's out there so let the fun and games begin.  Indeed, I have already received this tweet from another person close to Anderson

As far as Georgetown is concerned, I don't see any momentum out there that would indicate that Anderson will choose the Hoyas on September 20th, but like everyone else speculating on his decision I have no idea what I'm talking about.  Anderson heads to Gainesville tomorrow for his scheduled visit with Florida before an in-home visit with Seton Hall on the 18th.  

Not to worry kids, in five days this will be all over.