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Andre Drummond Makes Terrible Mistake, Will Play for UConn THIS Year

GAH. We'll this blows. Andre Drummond, a 6'10 freakishly talented potential future #1 pick who JT3 has recruiting hard for long time, announced on twitter tonight that he'll enroll in classes immediately and be ready to play for this season. It's been known for awhile that UCONN was the heavy favorite, but it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating his choice to take a year of prep school at Wilbraham & Monson. Maybe Rivals pissed him off by putting him at #2 in their just released revised rankings for 2012. And if the Hartford Courant is correct, Jim Calhoun will have to find a few minutes away from kicking puppies to take a scholarship away from one of his current players the day before freshman move in was scheduled. 

It really sucked when we learned that Moses Ayegba doesn't have a functioning ACL -- now it sucks a bit more. In related news, KYLE ANDERSON MUST COME TO GEORGETOWN.