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Casual Headbands Summer Series: Risking Life to Keep it Casual at Yosemite!

Our next entry might be our most daring yet. It comes from the top of Half Dome, in Yosemite National Park. Yes, I know someone went swimming with great white sharks last year but scaling 4,800 feet in a day sets a new level of casual dedication.

On top of the world

More Documentation After the Jump:


Long Way Up


Long Way Down

As a reminder, take your Casual swag with you on your summer vacations and document the swag in front of casual landmarks wherever you may be. For those that don't have Swag (crushing demand has new stash on back order), you can still enter by simply documenting a printed out front page of THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON. Send the documentation to us at and you'll be entered in the Tournament to determine Casual Headbands Supremacy in 2011! And be sure to vote in the Casual Poll below, as the seedings for the Casual Headbands Bracket of Upside will be determined by which entries are certified Casual