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Why Kyle Anderson Absolutely Must Choose Georgetown

In 26 days, Kyle Anderson will alter the fate of Georgetown basketball, JT3's career, and radically inflate or depress the level of delusion at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON when he makes his college decision on September 20th,  his birthday. Here's why Kyle Anderson absolutely must, under all circumstances, come to Georgetown. 


Kyle Anderson was born for JT3's offense: If you close your eyes and write up a scouting report for JT3's dream player, it's going to be eerily similar to anything you'll find written about Kyle Anderson (from ESPN: "He is a great passer with excellent court vision and is a good decision maker and is probably best playing a 'point forward' position"). Ever since HoyaSinceBirth brought to our attention the 6'8 point guard, it didn't take long to figure out he would thrive at Georgetown and we'd kill to have him here.



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It's really not just about our needs, Kyle: This is the ideal place for KA5 to land. Clearly, he's going to the Association, but Georgetown is the best place for him improve the areas where others are critical of his game: one knock is that he doesn't have high-end athleticism and the other is his three point shooting. For the athleticism, he should note how frequently NBA-bound Georgetown bigs have improved their strength (Jeff Green, Roy Hibbert, DaJaun Summers, and even Hollis Thompson this past off-season) and all he has to do is look to see how Greg Monroe, who is skill-heavy but only-above-average athletically is doing these days.  If there's anything Georgetown can rep, it's our offensive skill set – a great place and perfect offense for him to work on his three point shot. A player's offensive skill set is going to be more polished and NBA-ready after time with JT3 and co. than anywhere else in the country.


Rebuilding years: As soon as the Austin Freeman and Chris Wright era came to an abrupt end, this upcoming season was tabbed as a rebuilding year. Let's not get too panicky here, but without the addition of Kyle Anderson, this year might be a slow decline followed by the bottom-out season next year. There aren't many individuals drinking the Otto Porter kool-aid more heavily than I am, but it's not out of the realm of possibility, as our chief KA5 competitors from NYC indicate, that we have not only one, but two years outside the bubble looking in (and longing for the days of being upset by 10+ seeds). As much as Otto Porter solidified a top-15 recruiting class that added real depth for this year, the bigger shock to our future was Hollis' near jump into the draft. Now, there's no reason to believe he'll stick around for a fourth year and to lose Hollis and Clark won't be easier than losing Austin Freeman and Chris Wright. Without the addition of an elite scorer and playmaker like Anderson, the Hoya might be left with a lot of nice parts that might lack the offensive firepower to bring it all together.


You will never be asked to play out of position at Georgetown: Um... next point?


The Limelight: The other question mark on your ESPN scouting report is "Anderson must play harder on both ends, especially defensively." But at the same time, you've been a winner at every level, so you know what it takes. That's why there's no better core to be surrounded by than a head down, defensively dedicated bunch (Jabril, Otto and Nate Lubick specifically) who will happily grind away and hit the open teammate, allowing you to settle into the defensive tone that is already set and grab the lead role, and glory, on offense.


Fight Evil: It's never been clearer what side Georgetown fights for on the good/evil continuum: taking on Communists, standing side by side teammates, pissing off Nolan Smith in Kenner League. We're the good guys. Join us. 


We share the number 5 really well: Markel Starks is currently #5, Jabril Trawick was #5 in high school and you're @KyleAnderson5. We're one big family, we'll figure the number thing out.


Live Your Dream: Kyle Anderson has often stated that Georgetown was his favorite team growing up and that it was always his dream to play for the Hoyas.  Well, dammit, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE!


Give delusion an inch...: If you come to the Hilltop, suddenly Georgetown becomes one of the most attractive places in the country for an elite big man. In a passing centric offense, a powerful post player would be surrounded by 4 pass-first players: Kyle Anderson, Otto Porter, Markel Starks and Nate Lubick. That's a lot of prime touches in the paint and they'd only battling Tyler Adams and wounded Moses Ayegba for plentiful minutes. Oh, and what's that? Tony Parker, who recently added Georgetown back onto his list, is good friends with KA? Come to Georgetown and win. With that elite two 5-star class, we're off to the races until April.


And, of course most importantly, do it for Casual: Casualhoya, blogging innovator of documentation, has threatened to kill himself if you, Kyle Anderson, don't chose Georgetown (and by "kill himself," I assume he means throwing a half glass of milk with oreo crumbs in it onto his lap top). Great sadness would ensue.