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Georgetown Basketball Alumni Come to Defense of Young Hoyas

The sad thing about yesterday's incident is that reactions were broken into two groups.  The first, which thankfully makes up the majority of people, is one of outrage towards the hosting Bayi Rockets and and relief that no one was seriously injured.  The second camp is full of clowns either mocking the Hoyas or deriding the young team for not fighting back further.  You know, the internet wise guys that imagine themselves acting differently if they were ever massively outnumbered and attacked from all angles by trained military professionals in a foreign and hostile environment.  Their opinions are of course based on one or two photos and a grainy video clip that apparently doesn't quite paint an accurate picture.  So to all the heavyweights flashing bravado and wit through the comfort of their ergonomic keyboards, the below messages are for you.  Keep fighting your imaginary battles.  I am damn proud of the Hoyas and so is the rest of the Georgetown community.