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Casual Contest: Nicknames for Jabril Trawick, Mikael Hopkins, and Greg Whittington

OK, so we there are a few things that we have learned in the past few days.  First, Nancy Grace should be arrested. Second, Kenner League hot dogs haven't improved.  And third and most important, it appears that Hoyas freshmen Jabril Trawick, Mikael Hopkins, and Greg Whittington can ball.  Yes it is just Kenner League, but first impressions based on their play on the court are that these three will be able to contribute to the Hoyas next season and beyond. Hooray!  


In the great tradition of THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON (the site that brought you the vaunted epic fail The Hoya Trinity for Austin Freeman, Chris Wright and Jason Clark) today we tackle the important question of what should these guys be nicknamed, individially or otherwise?  We'll tackle Otto Porter and Tyler Adams after we get our first glimpse of them this weekend. 

Nicknames after The Jump:

Jabril Trawick - Physical, attacking style of play thus far including a couple of monster throwdowns.

Possible nicknames: Jabril Deal, Wickipedia, The Big Tweet

Mikael Hopkins - 
Defensive minded, athletic, nice jumper.

Possible nicknames: Special K, Mikael Michael Motorcycle, Hip-Hop

Greg Whittington - Fundamentally sound, nice perimeter game, faint echoes of Jeff Green.

Possible nicknamesTighty Whitti, New Greg, G-Dubs

Let us know which of the above are your favorites, and if you can come up with better nicknames (AND BY GOD I HOPE YOU CAN), submit them below and earn a chance to win eternal fame and glory, not necessarily in that order.