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Kyle Anderson Or Bust: Georgetown Targets Top Class of 2012 Talent

Recruiting gurus Dave Telep and Eamonn Brennan weigh in on the top prospects in the Class of 2012, and included in the mix is Georgetown's main target in the class, 6'7" guard/forward hybrid extraordinaire Kyle Anderson.

Kyle Anderson, 6-7, SF (Fairview, N.J.)

Telep: "Anderson won a high school national championship as a junior. He's a 6-8 point guard ala the Magic Johnson family -- notice I didn't say he was Magic Johnson, there's a difference. St. John's, Florida, Georgetown, Seton Hall and UCLA made the final cut. To recap: He's a winner, can pass and other guys respect him."

Brennan: St. John's might have the best young crop of talent of any team in the running for Anderson's services, so it wouldn't be a killer to lose out on the unconventional point guard. Seton Hall, just now recovering from the mess that was the Bobby Gonzalez era, is in the biggest need of a high-profile recruiting upset. Perhaps the scariest prospect, at least for the rest of the SEC, is Florida's hope that Anderson will show up in time to play a year alongside shooting guard Bradley Beal, who will be a freshman of the year candidate in Gainesville this season.

Though Georgetown would seem to be the perfect offensive system for Anderson to display his numerous talents, there has been lots of banter on twitter lately between THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON and Seton Hall blog South Orange Juice about where Anderson will eventually wind up, and they seem very confident he will not end up in blue and gray.  In addition, the recent decommitment of 2012 point guard Jevon Thomas from St. John's has caused some to speculate that it was to make room for Anderson in Lavinwood.

The debate ends in the next couple of months, as Anderson has said publicly that he will announce he decision on September 20th, which is his birthday.