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Casual Weekend In Review: In Haiku!

Not to worry, kids. 82 days until the start of the college hoops season...

Friday night was great
Dinner then went casino
Mississippi stud

Saturday was chill
Hit new driver at the range
Getting rid of slice

Went to birthday bash
Ate some fried chicken and beer
Then had to lie down

Saturday night lame
Did see "Friends With Benefits"
Justin Timberlake

Rest of weekend and documentation after The Jump:
Sunday watched movies
"Wall Street 2" is horrible
What were they thinking?

"Get Him To The Greek"
Underrated comedy
Good job P. Diddy

Ordered Indian
Chicken tikka masala
Casual spiced naan

Entourage is back
Nearly fell asleep two times
"Curb" so much better



Solid run.


The driving range soothes my soul.


Nice fried chicken and Abita Satsuma


Polished off half a bag of Tostitos scoops with salsa and a chili queso dip while watching the horrible Wall Street 2 and the surprisingly enjoyable Get Him To The Greek


Starring Katy Perry as Smurfette!