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Kenner League 2011: Let The Games Begin!

For many Hoyas fans, today is the moment we have been waiting for for quite some time. It is the moment when we begin to associate faces with the names of the vaunted freshmen in the Class of 2011, the moment when we get to see how some of the returning players improved in the offseason. Indeed today is the moment. The moment is the first day of Kenner League.

THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON will be bringing you coverage of the action throughout the opening weekend and beyond, so be sure to check out OUR LIVE TWITTER FEED CONSTANTLY to see what's going down as it happens, and then check back afterwards for game recaps, summaries, and general joy.


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The Kenner League allows us to kick the Hoyas Hype Machine into overdrive. It comes at a perfect time at the beginning of July when there is really nothing else going on in the worlds of sports, when the NFL and the NBA are both mired in labor disputes, when Maria Sharapova has lost Wimbledon. And yes, Michael Jackson is still dead.

The schedule is here and some of the rosters are here.

For those really brave, check this out for a look back at last season's Kenner League preview and this montage though I should never need to prompt you to check out a montage.