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Casual Weekend In Review...In Haiku!


Nothing cures a Case of the Mondays like a weekend recap in haiku.  Nothing. 

Friday night was fun
French bistro had onion soup
Documented it

Saturday relaxed
Spent day on a raft
I saw a squirrel, too

That night saw movie
Hangover 2 was funny

Theater was way cool
Could order fresh beers and food
Nice salumi plate

Sunday casual
@casualwife bought phone
Went with white iphone

Sunday night watched Heat
Also MTV Awards
MTV sucks balls

Documentation referenced in Haikus after the Jump:

Casual French Onion soup.  Nice and cheesy.

This squirrel invaded my Saturday pool time.


Casual Abita Purple Haze and Salumi plate during Hangover 2.  Anyone who didn't enjoy that film is an assclown.