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Kenner League Update: Dates Revealed

Just a brief update to let all the Casual Hoya fans out there know what is going on with Kenner League this summer.

First, a brief description of Kenner League for those who don't know what it is all about. Kenner League is the summer league organized by Nike that takes place every year in historic McDonough Gymnasium on the campus of Georgetown University. Georgetown players as well as players from local schools George Mason, George Washington, Maryland, and Morgan State all participate in this league that features round robin play followed by a playoffs.  Local players from colleges around the country participate as well as a number of NBA and former NBA players. The most exciting thing for Hoyas fans is a chance to see the freshman play for the very first time. All the freshman play on the Tombs team alongside two returning players on the current Georgetown roster. Most importantly, the Games are free and open to the public. 

Kenner League dates after The Jump:

We here at Casual Hoya have learned that this year, Kenner League will run form July 2nd to August 7th. The Schedule has not been fully set, but the first games will be on Saturday July 2nd and the Championship game for Kenner will take place on August 7th. The Hoyas will then travel to China for a series of Exhibition Games and casual cultural exchanges. 

If you are in or around DC during Kenner, stopping in to watch a game or two is a must. The schedule is sometimes unreliable, the games rarely start on time, and the hot dogs are questionable, but you will get to witness fun, exciting, and competitive basketball. The talent level at the Kenner League surpasses that of any other College/ ProAm summer league in the country. We here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON will have recaps of all the Kenner League action and we will update you with the schedule and rosters as soon as they become available.