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Georgetown Class of 2012 Recruiting Targets: The Bigs

Many of you were looking forward to reading about Georgetown's big man prospects for the Class of 2012, but unfortunately I have some disappointing news. It seems unlikely at this point that we will land an impact 4/5 in the Class of 2012. Need not fear Hoyas, we have several quality big men on the roster that will be returning after this upcoming year (Ayegba, Adams, Hopkins, Lubick). In addition, we are heavily involved with three highly ranked five-star big men in the Class of 2013. While an impact big in 2012 would have been nice since the class is deep at the position, the major need for the Hoyas in 2012 is and has always been at the guard position. The Hoyas need to grab at least two guards in this class in order to have sufficient depth post the 2011-12 season.

After the Jump the 2012 Big Man Prospects

Amile Jefferson 6'7" PF Philadelphia, PA #34 Rivals, #21 Scout, #26 ESPN

A player I was very high on at the beginning of his recruitment. He seemed to really like Georgetown, but I don't think Georgetown has reciprocated as much. We're still on his list but his list is still really big right now. He's kind of a tweaner. He projects to the wing, but is currently lacking perimeter skills. He's a good player though and I would take him. I think other schools are higher up in his mind at this point though.

Scout says:

A long, wiry combo forward, Jefferson is a good with a terrific upside. At this point he's a power forward that must add strength to his 6-foot-7 frame. He runs the floor well, has a great set of hands and has the ability to face up and score. Always looking to score, Jefferson has a good-looking jump shot and impressive touch around the basket.

ESPN says:

Jefferson projects as a big time wing prospect who is already coveted by many of the top college basketball programs in the country. He has great size and length for the wing, terrific agility, and a feel for the game that can't be taught. If he can get physically stronger and develop a more reliable jump shot there won't be much he isn't able to do.

Andre Drummond 6'10" C Middletown, CT #3 Rivals, #1 Scout, #1 ESPN

Quite an interesting recruitment. In the sense that there really isn't any recruitment to speak of. He has informed schools that when ever he is ready to discuss recruiting he will contact them. Has also stated academics will be important when he does make a decision. He has also long been assumed to be a done deal for UConn. My sense is he's waiting to see what the new NBA collective bargaining agreement will be. I think he's hoping they allow players to jump straight from high school to the pros. I think he will look at different schools depending on whether the CBA will require him to stay in college for 1 or 2 years. I like our chances best if the CBA forces players to stay for 2 years. So at this point I think if we do take a big man in 2012 the most likely candidate may be Drummond despite the fact that even this is a long shot.

Scout says:

One of the elite talents in the class of 2012, Drummond has the size, mobility, athleticism, instincts and pure ability to be a future lottery pick. Already he's developed a couple of post moves, including a go-to hook. His explosiveness and length are a serious issue for the opposition, as he gets his hands on a lot of shots. Going forward consistency and constant effort is an area for improvement.

ESPN says:

Drummond has a chance to be one of the elite big men of the last decade. He doesn't turn 18 until August 2011. Big statement but because he's exponentially talented and more than capable of living up to the extreme expectations. He's a game changing recruit for a program who will have a chance to be the No. 1 overall player in any draft he's involved with.

Landen Lucas  6'8" C Henderson, NV #125 Rivals, #89 Scout, #94 ESPN

Has been dropping in the rankings, conditioning and drive are an issue. I know Georgetown has shown interest in the past. He's a possibility, but probably ends up staying on the West Coast.

Scout says:

Lucas is a tough post man who can really rebound the basketball. His strength allows him to get into the right position down low, and then he does a great job of securing everything he can get his hands on. Right now he doesn't run the floor real well and lacks a lot of athleticism. Also not a real scorer, but his size, defensive ability, and rebounding make him a high-major prospect.

ESPN says:

Lucas is considered one of the better power forward/center-types on the west coast. Due to his physical nature and advanced skill set he should be a viable recruit for the high-major level. He doesn't have great bounce, but he does have good hands, excellent foot work and a high basketball IQ to compete at that level.

Stefan Jankovic 6'10" C Huntington, WV NR Rivals, #84 Scout, NR ESPN

European style big. Could fit in well with the Georgtown offense. Someone who we have a realistic shot at landing if we push for him. Not sure if we push though. Don't think Georgetown is a fan of his high school and vice versa so I'd say most likely he doesn't come here.

Scout says:

A super skilled power forward, Jankovic really has the ability to be a match-up nightmare. He can score off the bounce and really can shoot it from deep. What limits Jankovic right now is his lack of physical strength and desire to avoid contact.

Kaleb Traczewski  7'0" C Southborough, MA #11 Rivals, #5 Scout, #9 ESPN

Haven't seen the Hoyas mentioned a lot with him recently, but the Blue Bloods are all over him. Don't see it happening despite the connection through Nate Lubick. Definite long shot. My guess would be Kansas.

Scout says:

As Tarczewski's high school career has developed, he's continued to get better. Working out with former NBA coach John Carroll has helped him tremendously. Although his post moves still need consistency, he's added a jump hook and is starting to become more confident when he makes moves on the block. At this stage, he's a terrific shot blocker with good athleticism and timing. The 7-footer is one of the best post prospects in the 2012 class.

ESPN says:

Tarczewski is a true center with great size and tremendous upside. He runs the floor extremely well and has good mobility for a 7 footer. He has excellent hands and finishes drop off passes and clear paths above the rim. He has become an explosive and powerful finisher with both hands around the basket and his good hands allow him to catch tough passes and turn them into baskets. He has a good left shoulder hook with a high release and is gradually developing his right shoulder as well. He is a excellent area rebounder especially on the offensive end and is also a decent on ball shot blocker. Physically he is becoming more and more immovable in the paint as his frame continues to fill out. Tarczewski is also a big man who takes to coaching and has shown great improvement over the course of his career as a result.

Tony Parker 6'9" C Lithonia, GA #36 Rivals, #27 Scout, #25 ESPN

He's pretty much down to Ohio St, Duke, and Memphis. Not mentioning Georgetown anymore. Will end up at Ohio St or Duke. And it's a shame because this kid is going to be a beast. He's haivng an amazing summer and will climb in the rankings.

Scout says:

A wide low post prospect, Parker is a guy that makes an impact in the paint. Blessed with a pair of soft hands that catch virtually everything thrown his way, Parker is a talented scorer on the block and has good touch when looking to score. Parker has had some issues with staying in shape, but when he's conditioned he's a heck of basketball player.

ESPN says:

Parker has been considered a phenom since the ninth grade and reminds me of a Renardo Sidney-type player (big body, great hands, excellent skills) that has the ability to dominate his position. There is no question that Parker is one of the top bigs in this class and possesses the basketball skill to make an immediate impact at the next level.

Brice Johnson 6'9" PF Cordova, SC #76 Rivals, #83 Scout, #66 ESPN

Interesting prospect. Sounds like someone Georgetown would be interested in. Not sure what the interest level is on either side, but of the players that we have a chance at he sounds like the best bet to me.

ESPN says:

Brice is an intriguing, bouncy, mobile face-up 4-man prospect for the power forward position in the 2012 class. He is a swift moving 6-9 thin forward with narrow shoulders which is a concern, but has the athleticism, wingspan and skills to be a high major prospect. He has high major length and can run and jump with the best of them, grab boards above the rim and block shots. Brice runs the floor scores in transition and is quick with his drop step dunk. Can shoot it to 17/18 feet.

Staphon Blair 6'7" PF Ft. Lauderdale, FL #128 Rivals, NR Scout, NR ESPN

Undersized big man, who is still developing offensively. I think we pass.

ESPN says:

Blair is a very good athlete. His defense and rebounding is far ahead of his offense. As he improves his back to basket moves and adds a short face up game is overall production will take a huge jump. Love this kids upside.

Daniel Dingle 6'7" PF Bronx, NY #148 Rivals, NR Scout, NR ESPN

Undersized. Straddles the line between midmajor and high major player. I think we pass. Great name though.

ESPN says:

If you're going to be undersized, you have to play hard and play smart. Dingle does both. He sees the floor exceptionally well and is an astute passer, especially from the high post. When he catches inside, he's patient and probes the defense. Has good feet and can get himself near the rim and finish. He owns a very strong feel and basketball brain.

Ice Asortse 6'8" PF Nigeria Currently at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

New name that just popped on the scene. Would have two years of eligibility remaining. His handler Joe Boncore is claiming he can play the 2,3, and the 4. They claim he can dribble and hit three's. I don't totally trust Joe. Not only on what his prospect can do but in how he does his business. Yes we got Moses from him, but I don't know if we'll be looking at any of his other guys. But he's an intriguing prospect and has a great name.

Zagsblog says:

After averaging 10.1 points and 9.3 rebounds, he was named the Offensive Player of the year last season on a Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College team that went 21-6 and won its first MACJC title since 1992. He has one year remaining at junior college and would then have two of Division 1 eligibility on his clock.

"He can play the 2, 3 or 4," said his mentor, Joe Boncore. "He’s a powerful kid. With his ball-handling and his shooting, he can play the two. I know people always say that but this kid can really do that."


So there you have it a run down of all the possible big men for the 2012 class. Again, there isn't a need for a big man in this class, but it's always something that's nice to have. And with that concludes a look at our 2012 prospects. Our ideal class is Kyle Anderson, a second guard, and then the best player available. Alternatively any two guards and the best player available. Now who knows who we end up with but no matter the results I hope we can all keep it casual and support who we get.