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NBA Draft Update: Georgetown's Austin Freeman, Chris Wright and Julian Vaughn

With the 2011 NBA Draft just eight days away and not much else going down in Hoyaville, it's probably about time we took a look at the prospects of Georgetown's Austin Freeman, Chris Wright and Julian Vaughn of hearing their names called on Draft night.

Though neither Freeman, Wright, or Vaughn's names have appeared on any of the NBA Draft pundits' Mock Drafts to date, the trio has been busy working out for teams across the country in the hopes that they can impress. 

More endless fun after The Jump:

According to various reports, Austin Freeman has worked out for the Washington Wizards, Chicago Bulls and the New Jersey Nets.  His workout with the Wizards garnered the most publicity, as Freeman appeared slimmed-down and visibly in much better shape than he was during his time on the Hilltop.  Check out a clip of Freeman at his Wizards workout set to some groovy tunes here.  Of the three Hoyas, Freeman has the best chance of being drafted as his smooth shooting stroke could make him a valuable scorer off an NBA bench, though at 6'3" and change, he is undersized at the two guard position.   

Chris Wright, arguably the heart and soul of last year's team, already has the honor of having THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON'S Heart of a Champion Award permanently named for him and has had workouts with the Wizards (along with Julian Vaughn) and the Indiana Pacers.  A clip of Wright discussing his NBA prospects after his Pacers workout can be seen here, and includes a nice shout-out to former Hoya and current Pacer Roy Hibbert.

Though it is unlikely that Freeman, Wright or Vaughn will be drafted on June 23rd, I suspect they will be invited to free agent camps to try to grab a roster spot.  Best of luck to all three in the upcoming days and wherever they may land beyond.