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Casual Summer Headbands Series: Keeping It Casual In Cabo San Lucas!

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Today's entry in the 2011 Casual Summer Headbands Series brings us to sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (Me-hee-koh)! Once a lazy port city where cruise lines would stop to refuel and tourists would fend off children peddling chiclets, Cabo has revitalized its image and is now one of the premier destinations in all of Mexico (Me-hee-koh)!


Potential for first ever Casual Swag Tanline

Famous for its turquoise blue waters and El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, Cabo isn't just a great destination for springbreakers like our favorite pals from the Hills, it is now a popular spot for honeymooners. That's right kids, CABO IS FOR LOVERS.

Featured in this picture is the view from poolside at the One & Only resort in Palmilla, Los Cabos. The towels are white, the water is blue, and the bathing suit is a mess of rainbow colors from J Crew and cost $80.

As a reminder, take your Casual swag with you on your summer vacations and document the swag in front of casual landmarks wherever you may be. Send the documentation to us at and you'll be entered in the Tournament to determine Casual Headbands Supremacy in 2011.