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Hollis Thompson is Back at Georgetown! Now What?

Best Mother's Day ever!  Hollis Thompson announced he would be returning to Georgetown for his junior year and, well, that's about all that happened.  Now that next season's roster is set (I think), it's time to play everyones favorite off-season guessing game: What will the starting lineup be?  Here are the candidates:

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  • Jason Clark - Sr. - 6'2''
  • Markel Starks - So. - 6'2''
  • Aaron Bowen - RS Fr. - 6'6''
  • Jabril Trawick - Fr. - 6'5''


  • Hollis Thompson - Jr. - 6'8''
  • Otto Porter - Fr. - 6'8''
  • Greg Whittington - Fr. - 6'9'' 
  • Mikael Hopkins - Fr. - 6'8''

Big Men

  • Henry Sims - Sr. 6'10''
  • Nate Lubick - So. 6'8''
  • Moses Ayegba - So. - 6'9''
  • Tyler Adams - Fr. - 6'9''

In typical Georgetown fashion, most players do not fit into one category, but one thing is clear, we will not be forced to play small ball this year.

Will Thompson the Third favor experience and push a starting five consisting of Starks, Clark, Thompson, Lubick and Sims or will he go with height and play Starks, Thompson, Porter, Lubick and Sims?  Maybe he will favor versatility and play Lubick over Sims at the center, or want mass in the middle and start Adams?  Will he put Clark on the bench and if so, are Starks and Thompson able to handle a press?  How good is Porter, really?  Will Moses finally be freed?  Will Sims make the leap we have been waiting for?  SO MANY QUESTIONS; SO MUCH TIME UNTIL THE SEASON BEGINS!!

Who is in your Fave-5?