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Maryland Basketball Clamoring For Series With Georgetown

The Washington Times reports that the University of Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson is hoping to institute a home-and-home series with Georgetown. The article quotes Anderson as saying:

Lee Reed, the athletic director at Georgetown, is a very good friend of mine. We've talked about renewing that series and doing a home-and-home series. We're in a serious conversation now.

A Maryland-Georgetown series is something that has been discussed countless times by many publications, but this is the first time in recent memory that a school official has publicly acknowledged a desire to play the other program.

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Two sides on this:

(1) Screw Maryland and Gary Williams. While Williams is not quoted in the article, the Maryland head coach has desperately clung to the belief that he is owed a game at the Comcast Center because the Terps played the Hoyas at the Capital Centre in 1993, despite the fact that Maryland wore home uniforms for that game and the schools split admissions revenue. Also, Williams had the following to say to The Washington Post in 2004, when Georgetown was at rock bottom, about playing local and "inferior" teams:

It's tough playing local teams when you're supposed to be the best team, to be honest with you. What does that do? It makes the basketball fans of Washington happy, but we have to do what's best for our program.

Is playing Maryland now doing "what's best" for the Georgetown program?


(2) I am sick of the damn stand-still on a scheduled Maryland-Georgetown game. I was not alive when St. Anthony's coach John Thompson Jr. advised prized DC recruit Donald Washington to attend UNC over Maryland (and others) in 1971. Who cares that John Thompson Jr. cursed at Lefty Driesell on the court in 1979 or that no one can agree on whether a game 18 years ago was a Georgetown, Maryland, or neutral match. Let bygones be bygones; this is about the now, and Maryland-Georgetown is good for the fans and city. As Maryland SBN Blog Testudo Times states:

It makes sense on all sides. Maryland needs to learn how to schedule other elite programs for home games - seriously, the best OOC home opponent last year was College of Charleston. Georgetown gets Maryland in the Verizon Center, which should help fill the cavernous arena (for the record, the same goes for Maryland). And the winner gets bragging rights.

Personally, I side with #2. I was excited when Georgetown and Maryland played in the the 2008 Old Spice Classic and ecstatic after the young Hoyas whooped the Terps 75-48 on national television. Realistically, Georgetown doesn't need Maryland, it is able to schedule a competitive out-of-conference slate without an average team from the ACC (fighting words, on purpose). But for two schools that often see talented players leave the region, it would benefit both programs to rekindle the rivalry and incite some fierce local competition. As a Georgetown fan, I would care a lot more about the Hoyas wining "The Beltway Battle" than The Charleston Classic.

I am skeptical, however, that a series will happen while Gary Williams is at the helm at Maryland.