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The Hoyas Are Going to China and You're Invited!!!

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Georgetown University released the tentative schedule for the Hoyas trip to China this summer and the first thing that jumped out at me was that this is more than just a basketball trip.  The email states:

The Hoyas will arrive in Beijing and spend time there before heading to Shanghai for the remainder of the trip. In each city, travelers will join the team and other Georgetown leaders to meet with Chinese officials, participate in cultural and community service programs, connect with alumni and-of course-watch the Hoyas in several exhibition basketball games against the leading basketball teams in China.

Travelers is not just limited to players, current students or even high roller alumni.  The trip is pretty much open to all members of the Georgetown Community, which probably includes all our Syracuse friends that kindly donated to the Hoya Hoop Club last year.

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Below is the preliminary schedule:


  • August 16: Exhibition Game 1
  • August 17: Exhibition Game 2
  • August 18: President's Reception (with President DeGioia and university leaders)


  • August 19: Basketball Clinic
  • August 20: President's Reception (with President DeGioia and university leaders)
  • August 21: Exhibition Game 3
  • August 22: Exhibition Game 4

More details will come out over the next few weeks, like who these mysterious exhibition games are against, but for now only one question comes to mind: who is live blogging the events?