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Othella Harrington Joins Hoyas Coaching Staff: What It Means For Georgetown

Earlier today Georgetown announced that former Hoya Othella Harrington would be joining John Thompson III's staff at Georgetown.  It was later reported that Harrington could replacing Darryl Prue, the former Director of Basketball Operations who resigned after his third nonconsecutive year on the Hoyas bench.  

While news of a former Hoya great coming back to the Hilltop is always greeted warmly by fans and alumni, the hiring of Harrington, a Mississippi native, perhaps is a sign of Georgetown's firm commitment to recruiting in the South.  Last year's addition of former Mississippi State assistant Robert Kirby to the staff  paid immediate dividends, as Georgetown was able to land forwards Otto Porter (from Missouri)  and Tyler Adams (from Mississippi), both ranked in the top 100 by Rivals.  Kirby had played high school basketball with Porter's father, and his ties to Mississippi brought Adams to Georgetown after initial interest from Duke.

Kirby and Harrington give the Hoyas one of the better one-two punches on the recruiting trail, as Othella brings his status as a 13-year NBA veteran and one of the better big men in Georgetown history with him into any gym or living room.  As most Big East programs continue to look to the Northeast for talent, the Hoyas are boldly going where no other school has yet to be firmly entrenched.

In addition, Harrington will hopefully help Georgetown's current stable of big men as the roster is now loaded at the forward and center positions.