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Casual Weekend In Review! In Haiku!

The transfers have transferred, Hollis is back, the Derby is over, and now we have nothing to live for.  To bounce back from your vicious case of the Mondays on this glorious day in May, please enjoy the below, my weekend in haiku!

Friday night was fun
Had Italian for dinner
Drank some Chianti

Saturday was great
Checked out the Mississippi
The river is high

Saturday night cool
Ate boiled crawfish and boiled shrimp
Then went to Harrah's

Won 200 bucks
In spite of Asian dealer
Felt extremely good

Sunday real relaxed
Spent most of it on a raft
Used spf 8

Didn't watch Bulls Heat
Jambalaya for dinner
Went to bed at 10


 Mississippi and jambalaya documentation after The Jump:


Thumbs up on Mississippi!


Usually you can see the bottom of the tree on left!