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Casual Bracket Contest Winner Revealed! We All Got Beaten By A Chick

Joan of Arc. Mother Theresa. Susan B. Anthony. Hillary Clinton. Pamela Anderson. Geno Auriemma. "NoFlo"

Indeed, the Casual Women's Movement (CWM) took a monumental leap forward this March as we have crowned the first ever Casual Bracket Contest winner to not have a penis. NoFlo outplayed, outwitted, and outlasted every single one of the nearly 200 entries in this year's pool and as such, has the distinct honor of having a Casual Award named after her this season.


Today is a landmark day in the CWM. via

The winner speaks after The Jump!

Rather than have me sing her praises, I have invited 'NoFlo' to give her victory speech right here on THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON!

First, the fact that I won with UCONN based on THAT game is documented proof that there are too many teams in the big dance. Secondly, "NoFlo" came because I made an offer on a house "North of Florida Ave" and then wasted the rest of the day by doing things like filling out this bracket in hopes that it would speed the response from the seller, which it didn't.

Ironically, when I named my bracket I thought of it as a lucky charm that I would get to name my price for the house, which I did. That was nothing compared to how my luck went through the roof and I get to NAME MY AWARD now. Thanks to everyone else for going with the obvious picks and leaving UConn on the table.

Since admittedly the name 'NoFlo' stinks as a name for a Casual Award, NoFlo has tasked me with picking a name that is more suitable. And since I have the creativity of a snail though enjoy the umbrella of democracy under which I blog, I am leaving it to you to do the dirty work. Please select your preferred option in the poll, and we will use it in the first Casual Awards post of the season SEVEN MONTHS from now.

Bracket contests are the best.