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Vee Sanford's Transfer Options

According to The Washington Times, recent Georgetown transfer Vee Sanford will visit Dayton, Loyola-Chicago, USC, Xavier and will consider Sam Houston State as his potential next destination.

The Times article contains a number of quotes from Sanford's father, Vincent Sanford Sr., who coaches high school basketball in Kentucky and opened up about Vee's time at the Hilltop and what may have led to Vee's transfer.

"They told me he was doing everything he was supposed to," Vincent Sanford Sr. said. "It was not because of the way he practiced or because of grades. There were no off-court issues. ... But we're always going to be Georgetown fans. We're just sorry it didn't work out."

The only thing that bothered Vincent Sanford Sr. was a perception among fans, he felt, that his son was an afterthought when he signed with Georgetown during the late period in the spring of 2009.

Best of luck to Vee wherever he eventually winds up.