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Redemption Sunday: Does VCU Making The Final Four Make You Feel Better About Georgetown?

Maybe the Hoyas never had a chance.

An NCAA Tournament filled with upsets reached its zenith of crazy yesterday afternoon when the VCU Rams beat the Kansas Jayhawks to reach next weekend's Final Four in Houston. For Georgetown fans, VCU's win helped heal the wounds that were still fresh from a then-embarrassing eighteen point loss to an 11 seed play-in team just last Friday. And today, less than two weeks later, suddenly things don't seem so bad in Hoya Land.

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You already know the story: VCU is a team from the Colonial Athletic Conference, a team that ESPN's Jay Bilas felt had no business even being in the field of 68 to begin with, a team that had to play its way into the Tournament as an 11-seed, and a team that has since beaten USC (Pac-10), Georgetown (Big East), Purdue (Big 10), Florida State (ACC), Kansas (Big 12) and will play Butler (Horizon) for the chance to play for the National Championship. That last bit is just so insane my keyboard nearly exploded.

So the first question is this:
1) Does VCU's making the Final Four make you feel better about how things ended this year for Georgetown?

For most Hoyas fans, the answer is undoubtedly yes. When you're hanging out in a bar, whether it be next weekend or sometime next year or beyond, you can always say something like "Yeah, we lost to VCU, but they made the Final Four, so it was just, like, destiny or something." You can say that right after you excuse the loss in 2008 due to "the Stephon Curry Express" and then poke your eyes out with a fork when the person you're talking to brings up Ohio in 2010. So yes, VCU's success helps you excuse Georgetown's loss. But...

The better question might be this:
2) Does VCU's making the Final Four help you come to terms with the way the Hoyas played against them?

I think that's the better question, and one that I'll let you guys vote on and then discuss on this glorious Monday of Mondays.