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John Thompson Is Comfortable In His Own Skin

In an effort to give fans the chance to "get even closer than courtside to three of the most iconic NCAA personalities," Dove Men + Care produced some riveting commercials featuring John Thompson III, Magic Johnson and Bobby Hurley.

As a Georgetown fan, my initial reaction was somewhere between horrified and suicidal.   I don't want the head coach of my team promoting SOAP, or sensitive clean personal wash.  I mean nothing against Dove, but really?  Couldn't it be something a little more fearsome, formidable and ahem, manly, like death motorcycles or shark lasers?  Heck, I would have even taken a commercial for unwaxed floss over soap.  But then I watched the commercials and laughed.  And smiled.  I then realized how ironic it was that I was uncomfortable with Coach Thompson promoting soap, but he was not.  The whole tagline about him being comfortable in his own skin made so much sense.

Coach Thompson - you are more comfortable in your skin than I will ever be.  And these commercials are awesome.

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