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A Tradition Unlike Any Other: The Wager with Hoya Suxa

It's that time of the year again.  When all our hootin' and hollerin' about Georgetown and Syracuse is played out on the court and the Big East's most legendary rivalry takes the national spotlight.  It's also time for the third installment of our wager with Hoya Suxa.


For those of you new to this nonsense, our first bet was on the Syracuse-Georgetown game at the Verizon Center last year, after which I was forced to pen the horrific Ode to Gerry McNamara.  The second wager was on the Big East Tournament matchup, and resulted in HoyaSuxa scripting, directing and starring in one of the greatest short films of our generation.  This year, the stakes are higher as we both have agreed to hand over access to our most-prized possessions...

(More Details After the Jump)

  • If Georgetown wins, HoyaSuxa will publish five Daily Affirmations in support of Georgetown or against Syracuse in the days leading up to the Saturday Syracuse Showdown on February 26th. 
  • If Syracuse wins, HoyaSuxa gets to write the Casual Awards after Wednesday's game.  I won't read them because I will likely be dead from the shots of Kerosene ingested the night before.
No better time for Austin Freeman and Chris Wright to win their first game at the Carrier Dome...