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The Morning After: Thank You Seniors

Gray out.  (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
Gray out. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Thanks to everyone that came to the extravaganza yesterday.

MEN'S BASKETBALL | Hoyas Fight But Fall to Orange - The Hoya - Sports
"Chris Wright not playing [was] huge," Syracuse Head Coach Jim Boeheim said after the game. "I hope he can come back because Georgetown is obviously one of the best teams in our league with him playing, and that's a huge loss."

Georgetown Vs. Syracuse: Without Chris Wright, Hoyas Lose To Orange 58-51 On Senior Day - SB Nation DC
For the Hoyas, this game hurts, especially since they were able to valiantly come back without their senior point guard Chris Wright. They are now 10-7 in the Big East, and since they have lost, they will not earn the double bye in the Big East tournament. They will play their final regular season game on the road as they travel to face the Cincinnati Bearcats next Saturday.

Vox Populi » Post-Game Roundup: Syracuse 58, Georgetown 50
On a day when the Hoyas needed him most, Austin Freeman was ice cold from downtown, shooting only 2-of-9. The lone bright spot for the team was freshman guard Markel Starks who saw a big jump in minutes with Wright hurt. Starks hit 2-3 from three at clutch points in the game.

Hoya Prospectus: Recap: Syracuse 58, Georgetown 51
The Hoyas did dig deep and make a run in the Vesper half, thanks especially to Austin Freeman and Jason Clark, and even after losing a 2-point lead in the middle of the half, held the ball down 3 points with 30 seconds to go.  But Kris Joseph blocked a Jason Clark attempt to tie, and the rest was academic.

Syracuse 58 - Georgetown 51: Cuse Is In Your House, Oh My God - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
Scoop Jardine has taken a lot of flak recently from Cuse fans. Namely from myself. And there were certainly still a lot of 'Scoop Is Scoop' moments as usual. But just as Scoop has improved over the last couple games, he continued to prove his worth today. Scoop hit some clutch shots under 7 minutes to go in the game to separate the Orange from the Hoyas.

Georgetown vs. Syracuse: Without Chris Wright, Hoyas succumb to the Orange
"We got the ball where we wanted it most of the time," Thompson said. "But you have to finish the play. You have to put the ball in the basket."

Syracuse Orange vs. Georgetown Hoyas - Recap - February 26, 2011 - ESPN
"We came out on the losing end," Georgetown coach John Thompson III said, "but whether Chris is out there -- when Chris gets back, until then -- we're going to figure this out."