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Sleeping With The Enemy: The Orange of Syracuse. Armageddon at Verizon.

When this game was announced back in September, we knew it would be huge.  And tomorrow, it is more than huge.  It is Armageddon.  Georgetown v. Syracuse.  Good v. Evil.  Good-looking v. Ugly.  Casual v. Formal.  Senior Day.  CBS.   Make no mistake, it's time for war.  And once again we have let the horrible Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician out of his dungeon man-cave to help us gain further insight into our opponent that we have already beaten this season.  Nunes, this bud light is for you.  Here we go.

Our answers to his horrible questions here.

We will watch the game on TV and like it!  via

I don't like you. That's not a question.

Why Casual, are we cross? Does this mean you're not my friend anymore? You know, Casual, if I thought you weren't my friend I just don't think I could bear it.

More fun with the worst guy ever after The Jump:

Syracuse has recovered from their midseason swoon. Last time we talked to you, Cuse had lost 4 of it last 6. Now Cuse is on a 3 game winning streak.  What has changed, if anything?

Somehow, someway, Scoop Jardine has found a way to offset his crazy mistakes with clutch shots and smart passes. He hasn't gotten rid of the awful decision-making, he's just doing a little more good than evil.

Meanwhile, Brandon Triche has really stepped up and become more of a leader on the court. He's lost his shot in the last couple games but he's at least starting to become a presence for the Orange, who were sorely in need of leadership.

Rick Jackson continues to do Rick Jackson things and C.J. Fair has graduated from "athletic guy who shows up for 7-10 minutes for a cool dunk" to "sixth-starter" status.

What's your take on Boeheim's wild rant in his press conference last week? Was it appropriate for him to call out some reporters by name? John Thompson III has won his last two against Jim Boeheim. How would JB react to that statement in a press conference?

If someone printed a graph that showed Boeheim and Thompson III's record against each other in the last two games and showed it to Boeheim, he'd go on a nine-state killing spree. I love me a good Boeheim press conference but I think he's been just a tad touchy lately. For a guy who 800-and-whatever wins, three Final Fours and a National Title, he sure gets miffed by little things.

Chillax, Jimmy. We got your back

If you could have one player from another team in the Big East, who would it be?

I like Scoop. I think he's a great guy and he's got a megawatt smile and personality. But if I could trade him for Kemba Walker I'd do it in a heartbeat.

That said, I hate Kemba Walker and I live Scoop Jardine.

Which Big East team goes deepest in the NCAA Tournament?

What a crazy question that no one can possibly answer. Who knows. The easy answer is Pitt but that's exactly why Pitt's going to lose in the 2nd round. I don't think a lot of people give Notre Dame credit so they might sneak up on people.

I don't trust the Orange to go too far. With Wright's injury I don't like Georgetown's chances either.

What about St. John's? They might end up being the most tested team in the Big East and they seem to be peaking right about now. They're a veteran team and they're a feel-good story. Crazier things have happened.

What is the most popular drink of Syracuse's fanbase when watching their team play Georgetown in a bar near the Verizon Center on Saturday?

Oh, are we at least allowed in the bars? Gee, thanks.

You'll find us cozied up to the bar drinking Screwdrivers. They're made with orange juice and they represent what we're going to do to Georgetown.

Screw you. Long. And hard.

Wait, that doesn't sound...

Syracuse had some near misses in 1987 and 1996 before winning it all in 2003.  Would there have been one Georgetown player on the 1987 or 1996 roster that would have put Syracuse over the top, and who would it be?

What a weird, convoluted question. I suppose I could go research the rosters and see which players would have filled a hole for the Orange that season, but then I remember that it would mean putting a Georgetown player on a Syracuse team and the thought of that makes my brain start eating itself.

So I decline to answer.

What is your take on Carmelo going to the Knicks? Did he come off better or worse than LeBron during his summer saga?

As weird as it was, he still comes off 1,000,000 times better than LeBron. No one could possibly come off worse than LeBron. That said, Carmelo now has a massive target on his chest and he better win an NBA Championship in the next 2-3 years to make all of this worth it. LeBron gets to fail in Miami. Carmelo has to do it in New York. Big difference.

He also better hope Deron Williams and the Nets don't overtake the Knicks either, cause that's not going to look too good.

Complete this sentence. By his senior year, Fab Melo will be [insert statement].

A very solid center average 13 points and 10 rebounds a game for Syracuse.

If you remove all the hype that came with him, Fab is just like every solid center that's come before him in the past decade. They all arrived a little skinny, a little rough around the edges and a whole lot unprepared for Big East play. By the time they had three or four years under their belt and bulked up with some off-season workouts they made for solid senior years (See: Etan Thomas, Terrence Roberts, Arinze Onuaku, Rick Jackson).

It has definitely been an up and down year in Cuseland. At this very moment, how far would they have to advance in the NCAA Tournament to make you happy? If they have an early exit, should we expect the fanbase to come up with some more ludicrous rumors?

At this point, I think every Syracuse fan would be happy with just getting to the Sweet Sixteen. This team has the talent to make it the second weekend but they make the kind of mistakes that could see them go home in the first.

If we do end up losing in the first round, look out. There will be rumors of Presidential assassination attempts by April (I assume Mookie Jones will be involved).

Syracuse has the ball with 8 seconds to go in a tie ball game. Who do you want taking the game winning shot?

I want the ball in Brandon Triche's hands and I want him to try and find Rick Jackson. If Rick is guarded, look for Kris Joseph and decide whether or not the play is for Kris or for Triche to take his own shot.

I do NOT want the ball in Scoop Jardine's hands. At all. Naturally, Scoop will almost certainly have the ball in his hand in this situation and every single person in the building will know that he's going to take the shot. He might even make it, but I won't trust him to until the ball actually goes in.

How do you see Saturday's game playing out? What is the final score? How many total Syracuse fans will be in the building?

Considering all the tickets I've seen on Craigslist and ticket sites, don't be surprised if there's still a healthy orange attendance in the building despite your efforts. Considering the debilitating injury we've just witnessed, I feel confident predicting a Syracuse vengeance victory, though of course we won't make it easy on ourselves. It'll be a close game, one of your unheralded players will hit 7 three's and Kris Joseph will be something like 1-of-15 from the field.

That said, as we do, we'll find a way to win by six. Enjoy the NCAA 6-seed. (Casual Note: I am going to kill you)

The Cowboys Orange are finished, you understand? I see an red orange sash, I kill the man wearin' it!
So run, RUN! Tell all the others the law's comin'!
You tell 'em I'M coming... and hell's coming with me, you hear?...

Hell's coming with me!


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