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A Tradition Unlike Any Other: A Wager with Hoya Suxa, Part Deux

And... we're at it again.  In advance of tomorrow's Syracuse - Georgetown showdown, Hoya Suxa and I have entered into another wager.  Thus far in the series, the good guys are winning 2-1, with the latest Cuse embarrassment being Suxa's string of Bizarro Affirmations (herehereherehere and here).


(Details of the duel after the jump)

  • If Georgetown wins, HoyaSuxa will certify that John Thompson is Jim Boeheim's "daddy".  Very vague, but after seeing Punishment and Penitence, I am sure it will delight.
  • If Syracuse wins, I will write a poem extolling Jim Boeheim, similar to my Ode to Gerry McNamara.  Thankfully, no one will see it as the internet will have self-destructed knowing the lies about to be put forth.

No better time for the team to rise up.