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Chris Wright Breaks His Hand: Georgetown Loses to Cincinnati 58-46

Georgetown had its toughest night of the season tonight.  The Hoyas shot a woeful 25% from the field, while Cincinnati played its best game of the year.  It was one of those nights where the Hoyas could not get anything to drop.  The Bearcats, on the other hand, could do no wrong as they played themselves off the bubble, winning 58-46 in the Verizon Center.  Chris Wright, the Hoyas senior tri-captain point guard, went down with an injury to his left hand early in the second half, and Georgetown could not recover.  Wright, who has been the heart and soul of this team, was seen visibly crying on the bench in pain after coming off the floor for the final time tonight.  Multiple sources have reported that Wright broke his hand.

Austin Freeman led the Hoyas with 19 points, scoring 15 in the first half and regaining his outside shot that had been absent the last few weeks.  For Georgetown fans, this is the glimmer of hope in an otherwise dreadful night.  Julian Vaughn continued to get good looks in the paint, but the hoop seemed to be closed on every shot he took.  No Hoya besides Freeman made more than one field goal, which is absolutely staggering.

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Here's the reality.  Chris Wright's injury will keep him out for the rest of the season, and we can all wave goodbye to any chances of a victory on Saturday against Syracuse or post-season success.  If he can somehow come back any time in the next month, then this game was a complete anomaly, a blip on an otherwise highly successful season, but there is very little chance that is the case.  Selfishly, I've enjoyed watching the kid compete over the past four years and mature from a cocksure freshman to a heady senior leader.  But more importantly, this injury is crushing for Wright, who has put the Hoyas on his back time and time again throughout his career at Georgetown.

Sure, tonight's loss sucks as a fan, but tomorrow I will wake up and go to work, and my life won't be all that affected.  But for Wright, who has put all of his efforts into basketball since he's been able to walk, it is incredibly cruel.  Maybe it is due to Twitter and more access to players, but it's hard not to feel like we all know Wright.  We read his Tweets every day, understand the sacrifices he's made to represent Georgetown on the basketball court the past four years, and know the places he's traveled during summers to improve his game.  Watching him crying on the bench tonight, after trying to catch the ball on two separate occasions to no avail, was completely heartbreaking.  For him to have a season-ending injury, the game before his senior day against his biggest rival, as he embarks on the most important month of his basketball career, just doesn't seem fair.

Chris Wright's last moment on the court in a Georgetown basketball uniform was him unable to catch a pass. Knowing what we know about his character, his heart, and his toughness, words can't describe just how depressing that is.  At the same time, knowing all those things about him, it's hard not to imagine him somehow trying to get back on the court by NCAA Tournament time.  I hope, for his sake, he doesn't do that.  He should have a long career of basketball ahead of him, and similar to West Virginia's Da'Sean Butler last season, can recover to play in the NBA.

Plenty of time will be spent in the next few days figuring out how Georgetown recovers from this crushing blow.  Regardless of how this season turns out for Georgetown, it is imperative that Saturday's crowd shower Wright with the loudest applause each person has.  We spend a lot of time following this team, and we are all morbidly depressed right now, so it's hard to even imagine how bad Wright must be feeling.  Here's hoping to a speedy recovery and long and prosperous career.  If tonight was Wright's last in a Georgetown uniform, it was a pleasure watching him compete and represent the school.