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The Home Stretch: Cincinnati Bearcats (21-6, 8-6) vs. #11 Georgetown Hoyas (21-6, 10-5)

Cincinnati Bearcats Georgetown Hoyas
Visitor vs. Georgetown
NR (21-6, 8-6); RPI: 40 #11 (21-6, 10-5); RPI: 5
Date: February 23, 2011
Location: Washington, DC
Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Arena: Verizon Center
TV: MASN Spread: Georgetown -7.0
Radio: ESPN980 Over/Under: n/a
Online: SBN Affiliate: Down The Drive
Casual Pregame: Iron Horse - 507 7th St. NW

(Perspectives After The Jump)

View from the Student Section - A Perspective from Campus:

Not sure who decided that the game should be played at 9pm tonight, but I get the feeling that student turnout may be a little sparser than usual. Everyone who usually likes to be asleep by 10pm (not me) and everyone who starts studying for their midterms at 10pm the night before (me) may be more hesitant to make the trip.

I don’t like it when we play a team needing to win and Cincinnati definitely falls into that category. While Cincy boasts the same record as our Hoyas, they did this with a SOS of 95 compared to Georgetown’s SOS of 3. Bringing the pain to IPFW, Mount St. Mary’s, Toledo, Miami (OH), Utah Valley, Georgia Southern, St. Francis, and Florida A&M is not exactly impressive. What this means is we sit in the crosshairs and that is not a place I want to be perched. I still think that we can come out of this with a win though. We are the better team. Time to prove it. Hoya Saxa!

View from the Court Side Seats - A Perspective from OldHoya:

Cincinnati is another team with which Georgetown has next to no history. Moreover, not much of that history is memorable (and OldHoya takes special pride in forgetting both games from the 2009 season). Last season saw one and done phenom/flop Lance Stephenson march into the Verizon Center but quickly leave with his tail between his legs. But there's no reason to overlook this Bearcat squad, which is desparate for a marquee win to propel themselves into real postseason play.

Last year's game did provide a precursor for what we'd see this year, with Chris Wright, Austin Freeman, and Jason Clark each finishing in double digits. Of course, that was also one of Greg Monroe's best games with a huge 19 and 15. This year, we'll need a similar output from our vaunted trio and our center by committee should match Monroe's total. But over the past few weeks, we've seen the emergence of Hollis Thompson, who has absolutely shined in his new role coming off the bench, shooting the ball with ease but also stepping in for big boards. More important than that, though, is his newfound youtube stardom. OldHoya might not know Kanye but when it comes to Georgetown hip-hop stardom, Hollis has set the new gold standard

View from the Enemy- A Perspective from our Sleeping With The Enemy Interview:

This one is a Hoyas lean IMO. I think this UC team is capable of pulling of the upset on the road, but it will take a full 40 minutes of effort to do it, which is something UC has struggled to muster on the road this year. They can play 30, but 40 is a different matter. In the end I think the Hoyas take with the score in the mid 60's.

JahidiLikesPie Nervous Level:


With three games remaining, this team is remains suspended above a pool of cess in the Big East standings. The Bearcats need wins for their resume and I am unsure as to whether we will be looking past this team to Saturday. I am also unsure if #15 is 100% healthy. These are the things that have been weighing on my mind for the last few days. As a result, I find myself SEVERELY Nervous about this game. I chatted with Hire Esherick earlier this week and he tried to talk me off the ledge, but he was unsuccessful. At least I have TWO EXTRA HOURS to think about it!

I am not optimistic about this game. Please prove me wrong!

I will be alcohol free tonight. Having said that, I have hid all bathroom and kitchen cleaners in the house in preperation my intense desire to ingest them, should they play like I expect.

View from the Sportsbook (via DonBest) - A Perspective from Vegas:

The Line: Georgetown -7.0

All of a sudden I am 16-11 ATS and REELING. Freeman's slump has had a direct impact on my bank account, and if he doesn't snap out of it soon I'm going to have to start buying Teddy non-organic treats. This season the Bearcats are 1-4 ATS as an underdog and 2-9 ATS in games after allowing more than 80 points (gave up 81 in ATS win at Providence). I fully suspect Freeman to bounce back tonight and Georgetown's defense to prevent Cincy from dictating its tempo.

The pick is Georgetown -7.0 because I think we will win by 8 or more. And if that isn't science I don't know what is. Final score Hoyas 74 - Bearcats 66. Book it, Dano.

Casual Hoya is 16-11 ATS. Last season: 22-8 ATS. Where Your Money Stays And Plays.