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Ain't A Trap If You Know It's Coming: Marquette Golden Eagles (15-9, 6-5) vs. #11 Georgetown Hoyas (19-5, 8-4)

Marquette Golden Eagles Georgetown Hoyas
Opponent vs. Georgetown
NR (15-9, 6-5); RPI: 59 #11 (19-5, 8-4); RPI: 5
Date: February 13, 2011
Location: Washington, DC
Time: 1:00 p.m. ET
Arena: Verizon Center
TV: ESPN Spread: Georgetown -6.5
Radio: ESPN980 Over/Under: 147.5
Online: ESPN3 SBN Affiliate: Anonymous Eagle
Casual Pregame: Fado - 808 7th St. NW

(Perspectives After The Jump)

View from the Student Section - A Perspective from Campus:

This win streak has been quite impressive and while a month ago, students were jumping off the Georgetown bandwagon that seemed to be slowly falling off of a cliff, everyone is now piling back on. Wright is cutting to the hoop, Freeman is lighting up the sky with his three-pointer’s and Vaughn is cleaning up down low; everything is right in the world again. And the added bonus is that Syracuse is going down in flames. Sure, finals may be approaching in the next week or two, but right now I don’t have a care in the world. Let’s get the W. Hoya Saxa!

View from the Court Side Seats - A Perspective from OldHoya:

Another of the former Conference USA teams promises what should be another difficult matchup. Though not as talented as Louisville, Marquette has been playing well and should compete for an NCAA berth. And stating the obvious, notching up a win against a powerful Georgetown team would be just what the Eagles need to build their resume.

That's all fine and good but does anyone question that Georgetown is putting things together at the right time? OldHoya's seen plenty of teams in the past 30 years and seeing this one coalescing at the right time has been particularly satisfying. There's no way to identify just one player who has been vital for the turnaround but Mr. El-Bashir did a wonderful job highlighting the contributions of Julian Vaughn, who has ably anchored the middle for the entire season. Marquette presents an undersized but skilled frontline and establishing an inside presence will be vital early on.

And OldHoya would be remiss not to address the growing clamor for a new Student Body Vice President. In a city known first for politics and second for Georgetown basketball, what more could the undergrads want than a perfect blending of the two? It's been many years since OldHoya casted a ballot in a Georgetown election but if he could, Henry Sims would receive his vote.

View from the Enemy- A Perspective from our Sleeping With The Enemy Interview:

By now, I think I've made my point that Marquette's defense is almost laughably porous. (For shit's sake, we let SOUTH FREAKING FLORIDA shoot 68% from the field in the first half yesterday.) And the thing we struggle with, most of all, is defending the three: according to Pomeroy, we're 256th in the nation in defending triples. Conversely, Georgetown (again, according to KenPom) is 33rd in the nation shooting the three. This, to put it succinctly, is a recipe for disaster for Marquette. We haven't lost by double digits since the Hoyas pantsed MU in the Big East tournament last year. I fully expect that streak to end on Sunday.

Georgetown 89, Marquette 77

JahidiLikesPie Nervous Level:


Wednesday's game might have been the most unpleasant Hoyas victory I have ever watched. These little self analyses have caused me to become MORE emotionally invested in the games. I didn't think that was possible! I managed to have 2 coors light talls during the game. I felt too nauseous to drink and too paralyzed to walk to the fridge.

The Marquette game is shaping up to be a huge trap game. They have 2 league games left against ranked opponents and they still need bulletpoints on their tourney resume. We are also still fighting for a first round BET bye and there is a HUGE logjam right behind us. My HIGH level of nervousness is a product of both of these facts. I also think we might be looking ahead to Kemba's pointy beard. Let's hope not. I will back in my seat for the game and I plan on following lord nick out into the vestibule if the game is too close. I will also be heading for the door if lordnick starts dancing again!

Number of beverages: plenty. This will feel like I just extended the NFL season by another week. YAY.

View from the Sportsbook (via DonBest) - A Perspective from Vegas:

The Line: Georgetown -6.5. Over/Under 147.5

These games with Marquette always seem to be close, and the Golden Eagles haven't lose a single game this season by more than 8 points. Georgetown should win this game, but I have a feeling it may take awhile for them to find their footing after the emotional win at Cuse and the inevitable light nights at the Rhino Pumphouse that likely ensued.

The pick is Marquette +6.5. Final score Hoyas 74 - Golden Ticket 69.

Casual Hoya is 16-8 ATS. Last season: 22-8 ATS. : Where Your Money Stays And Plays.