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It's Poll Time: Was Georgetown's Road Win At Syracuse The Best In John Thompson III's Tenure?

Remember that time Georgetown went up to the Carrier Dome and beat Syracuse? Wasn't that like the most awesome thing ever? Well that JUST HAPPENED like two days ago. While we continue our casual alcohol-induced celebration, we also know that huge wins over rivals demand some reflection. The Hoyas have had some magical road victories already this year - triumphing at Missouri and at Villanova. Yes, I know Missouri was considered a neutral game on the schedule, but that crowd was about as neutral as Fox News (get it? I went to Georgetown, I know politics).

No road win this year will come close to being as satisfying as Wednesday night's victory at Syracuse, giving John Thompson III his first win in the Carrier Dome. Now that we know this is fact, and not open for debate, we may as well try to figure out where this win stacks up against other memorable road wins in JT3's reign as head honcho for the Hoyas.

After The Jump, five candidates will be chosen, one will prevail.

Option 1:

February 9, 2011: Georgetown @ Syracuse, 64-56


Umm, everything. The composure at the end of the game, the Syracuse fans silently shuffling out as the clock ticked down, silencing the internet trolls, seeing Jim Boeheim contort his squishy face like he was constipated, the lifeless look in Scoop Jardine's eyes when Austin Freeman leaked out on a layup to give Georgetown a 57-55 lead. EV-REE-THING.


The only one I can think of is that we didn't make Hoya Suxa write the Positive Postgame Prognosis.

Option 2:

January 20, 2010: Georgetown @ Pittsburgh, 74-66


Ended Pitt's 31 game home winning streak, made Levance Fields house four cartons of Beniman y Geraldo in whatever random Spanish-speaking country he is currently playing basketball, Chris Wright scored 27 points and thoroughly outplayed Ashton Gibbs and Brad Wanamaker.


We got worked in the Carrier Dome, losing 73-56, less than a week later. Then we lost to South Florida. Then we lost at Rutgers. Then we lost to Ohio.

Option 3:

December 29, 2008: Georgetown @ Connecticut, 74-63


Greg Monroe pwned Hasheem Thabeet, UConn was undefeated and #2 at the time, UConn went on to go to the Final Four, DaJuan Summers had 18 points, Jim Calhoun was quoted afterwards saying "I hated our body language early, saw some brief spurts, then detested it the last eight minutes".


The rest of the season.

Option 4:

January 26, 2008: Georgetown @ West Virginia, 58-57


Patrick Ewing Jr. made the sweetest block of all time to win the game, thwarting a Da'Sean Butler layup, Jessie Sapp continued to live up to his Onions nickname after nailing the go-ahead three pointer with six seconds left, Bob Huggins was extra fat and extra greasy, Georgetown was in first place in the Big East.


JT3 and the players had to run off the court fearing for their lives because sisterhumpers were throwing objects at them.

Option 5:

March 1, 2008: Georgetown @ Marquette, 70-68


Jonathan Wallace drilled three clutch free throws to tie the game and send it into overtime, Georgetown stayed tied atop the Big East with Louisville, Roy Hibbert and Wallace each scored 20 points in the game, the victory allowed the Hoyas to win two straight Big East Regular Season titles.


Steph Curry came into our lives just 22 days later.

It is still a great day to be great.