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How Do This Year's Hoyas Stack Up To The '07-08 Team?

The wizards over at Hoya Prospectus decided to compare the '11-12 Hoyas to the '07-08 Hoyas using magic numbers and fancy mathematical terms like goofiness and onions. The verdict - too similar for comfort. Especially this early in the season.

It's actually somewhat amazing how similar some of the players are in many ways. It's not surprising from one point of view; the offense and defenses are similar, the coaching staff is the same. On the other hand, the roster matches up very well in skills, ability level and role through almost every player. It's close across the board.

But Hibbert's clearly the X-Factor here. If I had to pick one clear reason why that team why I think 2007-08 will end up being a bit better in conference play it's him. But if Markel can continue to shoot like this; if Jason Clark gets hot; if Sims holds up better in conference play than I expect; if Lubick recovers or Hopkins steps up, the story at then end of the year might be different.