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Taking Care Of Business: Georgetown Destroys NJIT 84-44

The Georgetown Hoyas take no prisoners, son. The Hoyas beat NJIT 84-44 today, just two days after a thrilling victory over Alabama on Thursday night. Hollis Thompson followed up his game winning three pointer with a casual 6 three pointers and 20 points in only 19 minutes. Freshmen Mikael Hopkins, Tyler Adams, and Jabril Trawick were very impressive in extended minutes. Hopkins scored a career high 12 points to go along with 5 rebounds and 3 blocks. Adams also had his career high with 8 points. Trawick continues to show why Georgetown fans are so high on him - he scored 6 points, had 3 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks.

John Caprio, the lady killer himself, got 6 minutes of time, scoring 2 points and turning it over 3 times. His score elicited the loudest cheer from a shockingly sparse student section. Hi students, it's your old pals at Casual Hoya, GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND GO TO GAMES FOR GOD'S SAKE.

After The Jump, more rambling.

There isn't a ton to take away from this game aside from reiterating that Hollis Thompson has the prettiest shot of all the shots in the land and that all of our freshmen are going to be really, really good for a very long time. What I like about this team is that it is flexible because of its depth. We can play with big, bruising teams like Kansas when we have Jason Clark, Hollis Thompson, Otto Porter, Henry Sims, and Nate Lubick on the floor. We can play with athletic teams with a bunch of swingmen like Memphis with Markel Starks, Clark, Thompson, Porter, and Greg Whittington. We can play a huge lineup, we can play a guard heavy lineup. There is just so much ability to counter other team's best punches because we have a bunch of guys that can play 3 positions.

The other thing I really like about this team is it is just scratching the surface of its potential. Last year's team had a ceiling, and Georgetown fans knew it very early on. For Georgetown to win, they'd need to be shooting the three well and scoring at high rates because the defense was porous. Also, the three best players on the team were 6'3" and under, so there wasn't a ton of flexibility in matchups. This year's team has won a high scoring thriller against Memphis and a defensive battle against Alabama. More than that, the individuals on the team have no idea how good they can be. Just wait as the freshmen get more in-game experience. Also, as Henry Sims starts to understand that he can outquick any big man, he will be unstoppable. And once Hollis Thompson starts getting 12-15 shots a game, he could average 20 points. That's how good he of a scorer he can be.

Next up for the Hoyas is a matchup against Howard next Saturday. Until then, we can all bask in the awesomeness of this young team. If we aren't ranked in the top 25 on Monday, there will be poop on the doorsteps of each and every AP and Coaches Poll voter.