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The Global Phenomenon Comes To NYC: Watch The Hoyas at Tribeca Tap House And Make Some Friends

Big East basketball is back tonight! For those of you who have enjoyed the Casual Gamewatches in DC, we're now bringing you a New York Gamewatch courtesy of the Tribeca Tap House.

Rules of gravity do not apply to me

Where: Tribeca Tap House (363 Greenwich at Franklin)
What: $15 Bud Light Pitchers; $20 Craft & Specialty Beer Pitchers; Half Price Wings, Nachos and Dip
When: Game starts at 7:00pm, specials run all night
How: Show up, drink, watch JahidiLikesPie down four pitchers by himself
Why: Yelling at the TV in a group is more fun than doing it alone

Not sure what else is going on in different cities, but post your Gamewatch details in the comments. - Proudly Promoting Drinking Since 2009.