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How Many Big East Games Will Georgetown Win?

With Big East play beginning for the Hoyas tomorrow against 4th ranked Louisville, numerous media outlets have annointed Georgetown as the early season surprise of the conference. The Hoyas, picked to finish 10th in the Big East, have scratched and clawed to a near top 10 national ranking with an impressive 10-1 non-conference record.

Ballin' is a Habit:

Biggest Surprise: Georgetown

The Hoyas were not expected to do much of anything in the Big East this season, but here they are sitting at 10-1 as they get ready to start league play. Much of that credit must go to Henry Sims, Georgetown's senior center that has exploded to become one of the best all-around big men in the Big East. But he's not alone by any stretch of the imagination. Jason Clark has become a lethal three-point shooter and a guy that you don't want to get a clean look in a crucial situation. The same can be said for Hollis Thompson, who has looked like a first-round pick the way he has played early in the year. Perhaps the biggest surprise for the Hoyas this season has been their defense. They are a young team with length and athleticism for days, and its showing as John Thompson III is utilizing his team's gifts by playing what has been a very effective 2-3 zone.

But as we loya Hoya faithful are aware, non-conference success doesn't always translate into Big East victories. So, how many Big East wins do you think Georgetown will have this season?