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The Delusion Train Has Left The Station: Georgetown Beats Alabama 57-55 In Thriller

How good does it feel to be a Georgetown Hoya tonight?

Hollis Thompson drilled a 3 pointer with 1.8 seconds left to beat Alabama 57-55 tonight. The young Hoyas snapped Alabama's 24 game home winning streak in one of the most exciting games of this season. Thompson, Jason Clark, and Henry Sims scored 47 of the 57 Georgetown points. The Georgetown Hoyas are now 6-1, having beaten the #8 team in the country in overtime and having defeated the undefeated #12 team in the country on their home floor.

Granted, the Hoyas were up 9 points with 2 minutes to go, so things weren't exactly perfect, but who really cares? This team is FAR exceeding anyone's expectations and I am downright giddy as we near Big East play.

Jump up, Jump down, Jump all around after The Jump.

It is going to take some time for this victory to settle in. To be honest, I don't remember much of the last 5 minutes because I was too busy checking my pulse to make sure my heart wasn't going to explode. More than anything, Hoya fans have to be surprised that this team is causing such stress. This year was supposed to be a rebuilding year, one that showed promise, but was ultimately a precursor to future successes. Excuse my French, but forget that. This team has no interest in being a footnote for successes two years down the road. Clark, Sims, and Thompson have plans for this team, and Otto Porter and crew are right there with them.

Tonight's win continues to show how much poise and determination this group has. Many teams would FOLD having given up 10 straight points and coughing up a 9 point lead in about 3 seconds. Not this team though, not this year. Georgetown calmly called a timeout, Clark stayed patient, and Hollis "Hollywood" Thompson delivered an absolute dagger. Sims was phenomenal again, as Georgetown ran its offense through him and he continually got to the basket without much trouble. His transformation is nothing short of remarkable, to the point that if he continues this pace, he will with no doubt be an NBA Draft pick. Think about that sentence and then think about Henry Sims as a sophomore.

Between Sims' renaissance and the excitement surrounding the freshmen, it is easy to forget just how insane Jason Clark has played this year. Clark is a guy who has been lost in the shuffle throughout his Georgetown career. He came in with Greg Monroe. He was considered the third option behind Austin Freeman and Chris Wright last year. Let's make sure the kid gets his due this year. He had 22 huge points tonight and seems poised to finish his career with a Big East Player of the Year type performance. His poise and leadership, along with that silky shot, should be cherished as this season continues.

Next up for Georgetown is NJIT. Until then, I suggest running to the White House. This is awesome.