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Sports Illustrated Shows Hoyas Some Love: Hollis Thompson and Henry Sims Recognized for Early Season Success

In a series of articles this week, Sports Illustrated has cited Hoyas junior Hollis Thompson and senior Henry Sims as breakout players and keys to Georgetown's early season success.

Here are the links to the Hollis and Sims posts, and I particularly enjoy this nugget from Luke Winn on Sims:

As a senior, he's more assertive in the post, is a threat to dribble-drive on opposing centers from the top of the key, and his playmaking skills from the elbow position in the Hoyas' hybrid-Princeton offense have vastly improved. Sims' has a team-high (by far) assist rate of 33.0 percent, and he's the only player over 6-4 in the top 75 of the national assist rate standings. He has, thus far, been the best playmaking big man in the country -- a development that not even Thompson could see coming. "I don't want to talk about it too much," he said, "because I don't want to jinx anything."

Best playmaking big man in the country? Combine that with our earlier post today that exclaimed a Sweet Sixteen appearance now a "pretty standard expectation", and I'd suggest the Delusion Train has officially left the station.