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Breaking: Ted Leonsis Guarantees More Salt at Verizon Center, Gets Casual Award Named in his Honor

The great Ted Leonsis, proud Georgetown graduate and owner of the Verizon Center, has responded to our demand for more salt at Hoyas games in a groundbreaking request relayed in this week's Casual Awards.

Regular readers of THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON would have noted over the weekend our failure in getting some delicious salt for our Greene Turtle fries. Yes, we gave props to Leonsis for even giving us the opportunity to drink Stella and eat pulled pork sliders thanks to the Greene Turtle. But no salt? WE DEMANDED ACTION.

Leonsis responds after The Jump:

Below is today's entry In Mr. Leonsis's blog Ted's Take:

Salt. You need more of it. Read here.

I shall make sure we have more salt.


Now you make sure we get more students at the game.

Thank you. Read this one - already ranting - a few games in; Hoya Saxa.

BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! Salt is now GUARANTEED in the concourse.

As a result, today we are taking the unprecedented step of, in mid-week, creating an award, and are proud to announce the creation of the Ted Leonsis Award for GETTING THINGS DONE.

The first winner? WWW.CASUALHOYA.COM

Enjoy your salt on Saturday.

And current Georgetown students, you heard the man! Start going to the games before something really awful happens. Like no ketchup.

Hoya Saxa.