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2011-12 Georgetown Hoyas Player Profiles: Nate Lubick

Look Back:
Nate Lubick arrived on campus as a consensus top 50 recruit and was certainly the most productive of the freshman class, averaging four points and nearly four rebounds in over nineteen minute per game.  Lubick shot 53.8% from the field, 67.5% from the line and 23.5% from three.  Inserted into the starting lineup following a Georgetown win over Seton Hall on January 18th, Lubick made his first start on January 26th in the Hoyas blowout win over St. John's and started the final thirteen games of the Hoyas season in which the Hoyas went 7-6.

Nate is expected to be a key piece for the Hoyas this year.  He should begin the season as the starter at the PF position and will likely remain there until he graduates.  With a year in the system, he is expected to make the mythical freshman to sophomore leap and fill in a Jeff Green type role passing from the high post.  Lubick had the highest assist rate of all scholarship players in China, averaging a team high 4.67 assists per game. He was also the team's leading rebounder. Nate will use his physicality and great passing ability to be a terror for Big East opponents.

There is no freshman-sophomore leap. We get just more of the same from Lubick, whose three point shot does not progress and doesn't develop moves in the post.  He continues his freshman habit of slapping at rebounds rather than securing them, and doesn't assert himself enough on the court. Lubick plays blue collar basketball that energizes the fans but fails to spur his teammates on the floor, and fans begin to question whether he belongs in the starting lineup or would be more effective off the bench.

Nate emerges as a force in the Big East, leading the team in rebounding and continuously hits teammates with backdoor passes.  His shot (which looked much improved in Kenner League) opens a lot of looks for both him and the rest of the team. Nate rises to the challenge in the post and becomes an All Big East candidate putting up close to a double double and chips in 4-5 assists per game.