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State Of The Hoyas: This Will Be Fun To Watch

Casual Wiseman sleepyhoya is back with this initial offering of the season:


At this same point last year, we had high hopes for the season. Georgetown had perhaps the most experienced team in the Big East, apart from maybe St. John's, a great preseason schedule and two former High School All Americans who convinced us that this was going to be the year they delivered on the promise. Somewhat bitter from losing Greg Monroe, we daily debated, with hindsight that now borders on folly, whether we were better off without him. Our blowout loss in the NCAA Tournament to Ohio was behind us, filed away as a once in a generation fluke.

More State after The Jump:

For all the expectations and promise, I look back on last year with a pretty simple memory - Georgetown wasn't that much fun to watch. Of course there were high points: the Missouri game, the eight game Big East win streak. And Chris Wright, Austin Freeman and Julian Vaughn were all players who were a credit to the program. But the reality last year was a team that displayed an uneven interest in playing defense, little energy on the boards and little commitment to running the offense the way the coach designed it. In fact, without Chris Wright it didn't appear to know how to offense was supposed to run.

There was undoubtedly a lot of talent and experience and that's what wins games. But its commitment, energy and team chemistry that win championships, or at least NCAA games. I doubt this year's team will win as many games as the 2010 Hoyas. But, without a doubt, they are going to be more fun to watch. More fun for these reasons:

1) They play defense - they all play defense. They, particularly the freshman, actually look like they enjoy it and they do it in a swarming, team focused way. Big difference from last year.

2) Better team chemistry. I know it's only been a few games, but we've yet to see the seniors giving disparaging looks at the younger players.

3) Rebounding is a team effort and this team seems to understand that. We may not have a dominating big man, but we do have players with desire which is most of what rebounding is all about. Otto Porter, Jabril Trawick and even Jason Clark are going to have stats that will make them look bigger than they are.

4) Going to the bench is a source of excitement, not fear. The freshman are going to be spectacular at times and I expect dismal at other points. But they are going to play hard all the time and I expect this year we will look forward to the first TV timeout.

5) Commitment to the system. Whether you like JT III's offensive system or not, he's not likely to change it. With players committed to it, it can be a joy to watch. Just ask Jeff, Roy and Jonathan to show you some of their highlights. With no player bigger than the system, my guess is these kids will commit to it and to learning how to do it.

Yes, the Big East is falling apart around us and no one expects the Hoyas to do much this season. We'll lose our fair share of games to teams that have superior talent, size and experience. But after a couple of seasons of underachieving, especially in the tournament, it's going to be fun to watch some overachieving for a change.