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2012 Big Man Robert Upshaw to Announce Decision Today

Consensus Top 50 center Robert Upshaw is set to announce his college decision later today, according to CBS Sports.  The 7-foot big man is currently deciding between Georgetown, Louisville, Fresno State, and Kansas State.  There has been very little information from the Upshaw camp since his visit to Georgetown on October 28th.  Below are a few tidbits surrounding his decision:

  • Georgetown - Upshaw has repeatedly said he is interested in a school with good academics
  • Fresno State - Upshaw's local team; has stated he wants to see how they do this year
  • Louisville - Unclear whether they will have enough scholarships available in 2012; they currently have no scholarship seniors and already have one signed player in 2012 without room on the roster.  But as UConn showed us this fall - roster limits are meaningless
  • Kansas State - Just signed Laimonas Chatkevicius, a 6'10''  big man in same class as Upshaw.  Regardless, rumors floating around that KSU is the team to beat in this race
As with all things surrounding recruiting: that which seems logical need not occur.  Happy Monday, Georgetown is undefeated.